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Attendees Give #MayoRagan Great Reviews

Posted on April 11th, 2011 by Admin

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media held a Social Media Summit, #MayoRagan , with Ragan Communications, at Mayo Clinic’s Jacksonville, Florida Campus in March.  Attendees said it was a great conference, combining basic presentations about Social Media 101 with more detailed conversations from speakers like Chris Boyer, @chrisboyer, Director of Marketing for Digital Communications for Inova Health Systems in Falls Church, VA.  He said today it's about measurement and proving value through the bottom line.

Mark Ragan, @MarkRaganCEO  of Ragan Communications, held a social media boot camp. Social Media Consultant Shel Holtz, @ShelHoltz principal of Holtz Communication and Technology, and author, of several books, including Tactical Transparency spoke about openess. (See his website which posts a stream of information building a case against blocking)

In his keynote address, Lee Aase, @LeeAase  director, Center for Social Media, Mayo Clinic, spoke about Mayo Clinic's path to social media leadership.  He said Mayo Clinic now has a social media team in Rochester, Jacksonville, and Scottsdale, but it started small. It grew under his vision and personal curiosity. Most important, Lee mentioned that social media is the right thing to do to improve patient care.        

Phil Bauman @Phil Baumann, @HealthIsSocial who runs Health is Social, illustrated the relationship of health care and social media with an Iceberg. The organizer of #MDChat and #RNChat  says it's  the behavior under the ice that will impact change. 

There was a Tweetup one evening, offering participants a chance to socialize and share in a less formal setting.  The conference concluded with a Social Media Health Network member meeting/unconference,an unstructured, but highly productive session focusing on issues and solutions in social media and healthcare.
The attendees learned a lot and brought back useful tools.

This October, Mayo Clinic and Ragan Communications will host a Summit at the Rochester Campus.  Click here to learn more.

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