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Managing Your Organization’s HCSML Profile

Posted on November 7th, 2012 by Lee Aase

Once you have created your Guest account in the Social Media Health Network and claimed your organization's profile, you have the ability to manage your listing, adding links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest, or other accounts.

Here's how: Go to your organization's profile and..

Step One: Click Manage Organization

Step Two: Update Your Organization Overview

Be sure to review the Organization Email Domain (the part after the @ sign, e.g.,  so when your co-workers join the Network they will automatically be associated with your organization. This should have been pulled from your email address when you created your account, but just verify it. Remember to hit the Update button to save your changes.

Step Three: Update the Resources Tab

Once you have saved your changes, you will note that an appropriate icon is added for each of the platforms, and users who click them are taken to the link you included. Here's how it looks:

That's it. Members of the Social Media Health Network also are able to add a logo or avatar for their organization, as well as overview narrative text.

For information on benefits of Network membership, see the Joining page.


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