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Farris Timimi (@FarrisTimimi) posted · Thu, May 28 9:18pm · View  

Physician Reputation Management through Doximity

If you're a physician and even if you have no interest in engaging on Doximity, taking 30 minutes to claim and complete your profile is a great investment. It's a high-impact, low-effort way to help influence your online reputation.

Doximity is an online social network with membership limited to physicians. Claiming yours ensures its accuracy, especially relative to your clinical practice specialities and interests, something that is not guaranteed in public profiles created from public records.

Doximity also produces a public directory of physicians that's the source for the U.S. News & World Report Doctor Finder, so a completed Doximity profile is typically among the top search engine results for a physician's name.

These slides take you through the process in 12 easy [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Thu, May 28 4:59am · View  

Resource Series | Guideline #10: Don’t Include Mayo Clinic’s Name or Logo in Your Personal Profile

Mayo Shields.Blue Background.BorderWe encourage Mayo Clinic employees and students to create personal online profiles on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We especially urge physicians to claim and complete profiles on Doximity.

But in keeping with guidelines two and nine, we insist on this:

Unless approved by the Center for Social Media, your social media name, handle and URL should not include Mayo Clinic’s name or logo. 

Personal profiles should use personal names as the user names and personal pictures for the avatar/profile photo, not the Mayo Clinic logo.

Some specialty groups or service lines may be interested in creating accounts [...]

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JeremyMacvean (@jeremymac) posted · Tue, May 26 8:00pm · View  

I've recently joined Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne as Director, Digital Strategy. Looking forward to playing my role in brining the social media revolution to health care! @jeremymacvean

JeremyMacvean (@jeremymac) responded:

Thanks for your warm welcome Colleen. Peter Mac is an amazing place, full of lots of great people. Sounds like you've been doing some really great work using the power of online communities. I've recently had friends diagnosed with cancer and seen them use Facebook pages really effectively to bring together their support network. Director of Digital Strategy is a new role for Peter Mac. I'm a team of one, but will be working very [...]

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Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan) responded:

Hopefully "keen to be there" means we'll see you there. Should be a great experience!

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Tue, May 26 5:52am · View  

Resource Series | Guideline #9: Leave Mayo Clinic Out of Personal Online Endorsements

Mayo Shields.Blue Background.BorderWhen we originally formulated our Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic Employees in 2009, we were so conservative in our policy against endorsements, that employees were not allowed to give or request LinkedIn recommendations.

Since then, social networking usage evolved and personal endorsements on LinkedIn have become much more of (in the current vernacular) “a thing.” So we went to our Medical Industry Relations Committee with recommendations for change, which was approved in June 2014.

Guideline number nine now reads:

Mayo Clinic does not endorse people, products, services and organizations. Official Mayo Clinic accounts should not be used to provide such endorsements. For personal social media [...]

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