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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Recent activity · Wed, Mar 25 12:37pm · View  

Social Media 110: Mayo Clinic's Social Media History

Mayo Clinic established its Center for Social Media in July 2010 (and subsequently the Social Media Health Network) as the next step in its social media progression. In this course Lee Aase, Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, describes Mayo's century-long history of social networking and how it led to our 21st-century social media journey.
Slides are interspersed within the video. You may download a PDF for reference or open in a separate window on Slideshare.

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Ann Nickels (@acnickels) responded:

My first goal is to use social media effectively to find audiences for nuanced healthcare stories that don't appeal to mass media. Having watched the video, however, I realize that this is merely scratching the surface, and I'm eager to learn more.

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Claudia A. Serna (@claudiaserna) responded:

We apply social media to show empathy and acknowledge concern, promote action and listen to what people are saying about oral health-related topics.

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Sara Stahlman (@sstahlman1) posted · Wed, Mar 25 10:34am · View  

I'm curious how y'all are navigating confidentiality issues around health issue focused Facebook groups. Our specific example is that we run a facebook group for students with diabetes on our campus. We have one private group (where folks can have conversations about health issues, etc) and one open group (for open events, open meeting announcements, recruitment, etc). How would you suggest we navigate confidentiality related to their medical condition and connection with the open group?

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Katherine Swarts (@kswarts) posted · Tue, Mar 24 2:42pm · View  

Hi! I just joined the Network and am looking forward to learning from all of you! I am a freelance content writer specializing in mental-health-related issues.

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Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) posted · Mon, Mar 23 8:53am · View  

Social Media is the Profound Change Fueling the e-Patient World

Editor's Note: Dave deBronkart's (aka, ePatientDave) connection with MCCSM spans years. It includes serving on our External Advisory Board as well as being in our first Platinum Fellow cohort. We were proud to have Dave announce his Visiting Professor appointment to the Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine during Social Media Week 2014. At last, Dave will arrive on Monday, March 23 for a whirlwind visit that features Grand Rounds on Wednesday plus meetings with Chief Residents and the entire residency class. Here, Dave writes about the role social media has played in changing the patient-physician relationship. 

This post is about an issue I plan to address during my visit at Mayo Clinic: the changing role of the patient and how that change is significantly powered by [...]

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Bob West (@westr) responded:

Just checking to see if you're awake..

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Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) responded:

This is such a timely and exciting initiative. Social media acts as "information capillaries." Brilliant. Now to the "How?"

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