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Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) posted · Thu, Jul 24 11:39am · View  

Shoutout congratulations and kudos to our newest Bronze Fellows:
> Tammy Chatman @Tammy Chatman
> Susan Gay @Susan Gay
> Karen Halsey (@Karen Halsey)
> Kyle Bradford Jones (@Kyle Bradford Jones)

And a note from @Meredith Gould, PhD: Loved reviewing your strategic plans!

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Dr Nicola Burgess (@nicolaburgess) posted · Thu, Jul 24 10:23am · View  

Need input from hospitals using #hcsm to build practice communities focused on #patientsafety
I am exploring the use of social media as a platform for knowledge exchange and learning following patient safety incidents in UK hospitals - if anyone has some experience of this please get in contact

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Linda Hageman, RN (@hagm04) posted · Recent activity · Wed, Jul 23 12:55pm · View  

Linda Hageman, RN - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

I am the Founder and Executive Director of American Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN) Support, I am Linda Hageman, RN I bring over 10 yrs. experience of implementing non profits and have learned many lessons from start up non profits management. However my passion for MEN the past 9 years had been concentrated as a Rare Disease Advocate, an Educator, and speaker for the many individuals
that have MEN. We have had many MEN . We have grown in the past year by 2, 00 MEN individuals around the World.

By: Linda Hageman, RN
Which comes first – the chicken or the egg? While Mayo Clinic is known worldwide for its excellent care and world class physicians, it is the Clinic’s diagnostic [...]

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AlisaZaita (@alisazaita) responded:

Great Essay! I am voting for her and hope she wins this contest!

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Linda Hageman, RN (@hagm04) responded:

Thank you for being so kind. Please feel free to share this to gather more support. The Best Of Health, Linda Hageman, RN

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Christine H. (@bchoekenga) posted · Tue, Jul 22 2:42pm · View  

Hi. I'm looking for feedback on how other large organizations handle individual physician or researcher websites. I work at an academic health sciences center that includes several health science colleges (medicine, nursing, etc.) as well as two hospitals and a group of community-based physicians. In addition to the individual profiles and departmental/service line pages that faculty and clinicians have on our official institutional websites, many create individual sites for their practices or labs. Does anyone have policies (or even unwritten rules of thumb) about such sites. Do you encourage them? Discourage them? Put parameters on them (such as rules about using the institution's logo)? Offer support to develop them? Any input is appreciated, but especially from others in an academic health center context. Thanks!

Jason Slusarchuk (@JasonHoots) responded:

Hi Christine. I can't speak on behalf of an academic medical center, however I do work in social media, primarily with healthcare providers, and I am seeing a rise in use of social across healthcare disciplines/groups. As it happens, I'm currently working with a large multi-hospital/academic medical system that is looking at strategies for rolling out social across their many physician practices. They, like most health systems I think, want their organization to be more [...]

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Christine H. (@bchoekenga) responded:

Thanks for the response, Jason, and nice to "meet" you. I may be barking up the wrong tree posing this question to this group as I'm looking for input about websites, rather than third-party social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. We have many social media accounts at various levels (college, research center, department, etc.), and we're in the process of rolling out guidelines for those. (We are indeed dealing with all the potential risks [...]

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