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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Tue, May 5 5:27pm · View  

Resource Series | The Meaning of Mayo Clinic's Social Media Guidelines

Mayo Shields.Blue Background.BorderWe published the first version of our Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic Employees in January 2009, when we launched our Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.

Sharing Mayo Clinic was (and still is) our version of People magazine, featuring behind-the-scenes stories about Mayo Clinic employees and (with consent) patients.

Inviting patients to share their stories, along the rapid growth of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, prompted us to create guidelines to help Mayo employees learn appropriate boundaries for online activity.

Much has changed in the world of online digital engagement, but our motivation for providing social media guidance hasn’t. We continue to encourage our employees to actively engage on social [...]

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Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan) responded:

This is a great overview to Mayo's social media guidelines. I think this series is going to be very helpful to our community.

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Tue, May 5 5:26pm · View  

Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit | Afternoon Coaching and Consults

Heading our list of goals for June's Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit is helping participants develop their strategic plans for choosing and using social networking tools. And to help achieve that goal, we've built in plenty of time for 1-to-1 and small group consultations.

Dr. Timimi and I are glad to welcome a strong consultant corps of specialists drawn from our External Advisory Board (EAB) members, Platinum Fellows, and our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media staff.

Together, we'll provide experienced insights and practical feedback on these topics as your refine your plan:

  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Budgets and Timelines
  • Internal Communications and Intranets
  • Online Community Development and Management
  • Social Advertising and Marketing
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • [...]

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Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan) responded:

This is a terrific group of consultants! Really looking forward to the Summit.

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Carla Savalli (@carlasavalli) posted · Tue, May 5 10:32am · View  

I am Communications Director for a large nonprofit behavioral healthcare agency. We are starting a conversation about social media. I would appreciate hearing from other behavioral healthcare organizations in the same position and/or from those that recently took the leap: How are you framing the conversation about adopting social media? Did you start with a particular platform and why? Unexpected pitfalls or surprises? Has anyone conducted a client survey of online/social media use?

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Recent activity · Mon, May 4 7:22pm · View  

Join us for the 2015 Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit and Residency

Mayo Clinic Health CareSocial Media.2015 Summit
Registration is now open for our main health care social media event for 2015. . .
at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.

This year we’re rolling out an entirely new format.
We’ve heard (and read) your clear and compelling requests for a Summit that reaches across health care industry silos to create opportunities for shared learning and collaboration. In response, we’ve designed this year’s Summit to provide instruction, inspiration and expert consultation to help you wrestle with and solve real-world challenges…in real time.

Depending on your social media experience and previous participation in our events, this year’s Summit in Rochester, Minn. will involve either a one-day or a [...]

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Sarah Johnston (@skj978) responded:

Excited to be registered for the summit. Will there by any chance be Mayo Clinic tours the day of the summit?

Edited: 05/04/2015 @ 4:18pm

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) responded:

Glad you're attending! Yes, we will have tours both Monday late afternoon and Tuesday morning. Details on those coming in the next couple of weeks.

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