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Tony Hart (@TonyHart87) posted · Recent activity · Tue, Jul 7 9:39am · View  

Optimizing Tweets: Mayo Clinic's Lessons From A/B Testing

ab-testing.500x239pxIn 2015, Mayo Clinic’s Social and Digital Innovation team ran two months of A/B testing to better understand how our followers respond to @MayoClinic tweets.

A/B testing is a way to compare two versions of an ad or marketing message to see which is more successful in getting your target audience to do a desired action (e.g., clicking the ad, entering an email address). Basically, A/B testing will allow you to tweak future messaging to make marketing more successful. Click here for more information on A/B Testing. Here's what we learned:

General Twitter Guidelines

  • Use strong hashtags, ones that are on topic and frequently used (e.g., #hcsm). Do some quick research [...]

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Tony Hart (@TonyHart87) responded:

Definitely Dan. Some top tips: 1. Short, succinct tweets generally do better than longer tweets 2. Pull info from the page you are sending people to: 2a. If you are looking for clickthroughs: Pull the headline, ask a question, or use teaser text. 2b.If you are tweeting for engagement: Pull a short fact or statistic from the article.

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Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan) responded:

Thanks, Tony. Great tips!

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Mon, Jul 6 11:42am · View  

Tuesday, 7/7: Tour Mayo Historical Suite via Periscope!

Historical-Suite-300x225On Tuesday, July 7 you'll have a chance to use today's technology to take a live, interactive tour of Mayo Clinic's history. Join us at 10 a.m. EDT (9 CDT/7 PDT) as we Periscope from the Mayo Historical Suite.

Our tour guide will be Renee Ziemer, Coordinator of the Mayo Clinic Historical Unit. She'll take us on a live streamed video exploration of the Historical Suite in the Plummer Building on our Rochester, Minn. campus.

You'll see historical spaces as well as documents dating back to the earliest days of Mayo Clinic, including the Boardroom and the offices of William J. Mayo, M.D. and Charles H. Mayo, M.D. And you'll be able to ask Renee your questions [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Mon, Jul 6 5:30am · View  

"It's connected we are"

Wendy Sue Swanson.Border.450pxWendy Sue Swanson, M.D. (a.k.a. @SeattleMamaDoc) was our keynoter at this year's Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit, and we're delighted she'll also be among headliners for our First International Healthcare and Social Media Summit Sept. 1-2 in Brisbane, Australia.

This is an exciting time to discover and apply social and digital tools in health care. As Dr. Swanson, an #MCCSM Platinum Fellow, told us during her visit to Rochester:

"Things are really different, and because patients and families are seeking information in profound new ways, they are the ones leading the change and we are really tasked with changing and responding in a very rapid style....

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Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) posted · Thu, Jul 2 10:30am · View  

Webinar: Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Hospital

LinkedInLinkedIn is largely an untapped resource when it comes to social media for hospitals and health care systems. Let's change that for you and your organization.

Plan to join us on Tuesday, July 21 (1-2 p.m. ET) when Michael Yoder explains and then answers your questions about how to:

  • strategically implementing and/or enhancing a LinkedIn page for your company
  • positioning your organization as a thought leader and expert in health care
  • choosing and using content to build an audience and engagement
  • using a LinkedIn page to attract top talent

Michael's webinar will showcase exemplary pages and dig into analytics.

Registration for this webinar is $95, but FREE for members of [...]

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Makala Johnson (@makalajohnson) posted in Alumni - November 2013 Residency · Wed, Jul 1 10:33am · View  

Hashtag Reports Review: Tweetwall, Symplur and TweetReach


After this week's Social Media Summit, we decided to compare Tweetwall, Symplur, and TweetReach reports for the #MCCSM hashtag relative to accessibility, foci, and data. Accessibility for reports varies greatly among platforms.

Tweetwall only allows individual widget exports and Excel downloads.

Symplur offers a full transcript and analytics breakdown, neither of which is easily exported. For example, it takes multiple PDF exports to get an entire transcript. Our events Monday and Tuesday would require 10 separate PDF exports. But Symplur is free with public links and makes tweeting specific sections of the report very simple.

TweetReach offers the best export functionality, one that includes visuals.

Here are the metrics each service includes in “top” lists:

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Union Metrics Sarah (@unionmetricssarah) responded:

Hi Makala, Thanks for the wonderful writeup about TweetReach! Any readers are welcome to run a free report at TweetReach[dot]com, and find us on Twitter at @tweetreachapp or @UnionMetrics with any questions. Thanks again! -Sarah A. Parker Social Media Manager | Union Metrics Fine Makers of TweetReach and the Union Metrics Social Suite

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BJ Rimel (@bjrimel) responded:

Wow. This was super helpful. Thanks for posting!!

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Matthew Katz, MD (@mattkatz) posted · Wed, Jul 1 6:50am · View  

Viewpoint: 6 Trends Toward Higher Cost, Worse Health, Less Access


Editor's Note: Moving right along with our series of viewpoints and predictions from thought leaders, here's one from Platinum Fellow Matt Katz, M.D. (@subatomicdoc).  When I contacted him via DM (direct message) on Twitter about the somewhat dismal nature of his observations, Matt reminded me, "Correlation isn't causation so we can hope I'm wrong." And yes, he added a smiley face.

The Supreme Court just confirmed that Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies are constitutional.  But the jury is out on whether the ACA may help or hurt our health. Now that ACA can move ahead with more momentum, what other trends might drive us toward worse outcomes? Here are six big [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Fri, Jun 12 11:04am · View  

Social Media Residency and Summit are Next Week!

conversationsRegistration has now closed for our June 15-16 Social Media Residency and Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit at the DoubleTree Hotel in Rochester, Minn.

We've got a great group of participants coming from more than 20 states and five countries, and we're looking forward to a highly interactive, hands-on two-day program.

If you didn't make yesterday's registration deadline, you can still participate virtually by:

  • following and interacting with the #MCCSM conversation on Twitter, and
  • watching selected elements of the program live-streamed on our Mayo Clinic Periscope. Get Periscope for iOS or Android, and then search for and follow the Mayo Clinic account. When we [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Thu, Jun 11 5:40pm · View  

Up Periscope at Mayo Clinic

Periscope LogoToday Mayo Clinic takes another big step on our social media journey with the launch of our Periscope account.

Our Medical Director Dr. Farris Timimi and I will create the first Mayo Clinic Periscope broadcast. And we'll use this new platform to chat about next week’s Social Media Residency and Summit.

When: 12:15 (CDT); 1:15 PM (EDT); 10:15 AM (PDT)
Where: Watch for the @MayoClinic tweet when we're starting.

We also plan to livecast a few segments during Monday's Social Media Residency and Tuesday's Summit so those unable to join us in person can experience a bit of this #MCCSM program.

Periscope allows anyone with an iOS or Android phone to broadcast video [...]

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Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan) responded:

Just downloaded my Periscope ios app! Standing by. Who's recording for history? Oh, yeah, Periscope does that. But for just 24 hours? Much to learn here.

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SavingCase (@savingcase) responded:

Love Periscope. I'm really hoping it can take off and people and institutions find unique ways to use it to engage their communities.

Posted Thu, Jun 11 at 5:40pm CDT · View
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