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Cynthia Floyd Manley (@cynthiamanley) posted · Recent activity · Tue, Jan 27 12:10pm · View  

Has anyone had experience with the anti-circumcision movement? We have a situation that is currently pretty contained but has potential to grow legs. Long story short, grandmother shared photo of a bloody diaper that she says is her newborn grandson's third. This is on her own Facebook page and also in a local midwives group. She further says that the child was taken back the hospital and admitted. None of this is directed at us -- we are aware of it because one member of my team is also a member of the midwives group and another has a Facebook friend who has shared the post. The only activity directed as us is a private message and a couple of 1-star reviews by anti-circumcision activists. [...]

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Cynthia Floyd Manley (@cynthiamanley) responded:

Thank you. It seems (knock on wood) to have passed without additional comment. We did get patient relations involved to work with the family in real life.

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Cynthia Floyd Manley (@cynthiamanley) responded:

We appear to have dodged a bullet (knock on wood). Thank you for the feedback. Great case study and information to inform our conversation about what we would do if this had blown up.

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Tue, Jan 27 9:41am · View  

Energizing (or Energising) the Healthcare Social Media Revolution in Australia


We’re way-beyond-pleased to announce that this coming September, we'll be sponsoring our first International Healthcare and Social Media Summit  in...Australia.

Hashtag? #MayoInOz, of course.

The Summit will be held on Sept. 1-2, 2015 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. On Sept. 3, we move to another location in Brisbane where we'll deliver a special Social Media Residency. Note how this is happening the week before Labor Day in the U.S., so consider extending your stay and adding some “down under” sightseeing.

We're being hosted by the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA), a member of the Social Media Health Network since 2011. Our conference planning committee has representatives from Australia, the United States [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Mon, Jan 26 12:53pm · View  

Flex against Colorectal Cancer with your #StrongArmSelfie

Colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. It's also is among the most preventable...with early detection. That’s why Mayo Clinic is joining Fight Colorectal Cancer in their #StrongArmSelfie campaign.

StrongArmSelfie_FacebookBadge_1000x1000We’re officially launching the campaign in March, but until then, we’re asking social-savvy friends (that's YOU!) to start now by flexing your muscles in photos (or short videos) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

The image at right (click to enlarge) explains how to participate, but you can also download this flyer for more details.

We’ll also be producing a music video for a new song that Nashville artist Craig Campbell wrote and recorded especially for [...]

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) posted · Fri, Jan 23 5:50am · View  

Save the Dates: Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic

Rochester.MN.PeacePlaza.EDITEDIt isn’t exactly Christmas in June, but we’re excited to announce that our biggest event of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) will be closer to the Summer Solstice than the Autumn Equinox.

This year's Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic will be
June 15-18 in Rochester, Minnesota.

For the last four years we’ve produced our annual conference during late October. And while we think the late Fall weather in Minnesota is just fine, it has come to our attention that others may prefer early Summer.

We’re actively collaborating with our External Advisory Board to refine program details, but the week will include:

  • Social Media Residency on Monday, June 15
  • A three-track [...]

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