Social Media Health Network

Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care

Residency Course Catalog

We offer training and resources to help health care workers at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere understand how to use social media platforms for health, health care, and well being.

Members of the Social Media Health Network may access all course materials; they're included with Network membership. If you join a Social Media Residency cohort and join the Social Media Fellows Program, an additional fee in cash or points may apply.


Ethical, Professional and Legal Issues

General Social Media 





Behind the Numbers

  • 100-Level courses: basic-to-advanced instruction; typically includes assignments.
  • 200-399 courses: case studies about adapting social media tools to meet particular needs or solve problems; mainly written by Fellows to fulfill advancement from Bronze to Silver status.
  • 400-Level courses: recap results of social media campaigns/comprehensive social media programs.