Course Catalog

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media provides training programs and resources to help health care workers at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere understand social media platforms and apply them in their work.

  • The modules listed in bold are open at no charge to Network site Visitors.
  • Italicized modules are available to those who have created a free Guest account.
  • The courses marked * are required core elements in the Social Media Residency program.
  • Courses not yet linked are currently in development.

Members of the Social Media Health Network can access all of the course materials listed below at no charge beyond your Network membership. See this page for membership options.

If you decide to join a Social Media Residency cohort and join the Social Media Fellows program, an additional fee in cash or points applies.


Ethical, Professional and Legal Issues

General Social Media 





Behind the Numbers

  • 100-Level courses provide basic to advanced instruction and typically include assignments. They will mostly be modules produced by MCCSM staff, members of our External Advisory Board or other experienced Network members.
  • 200-399 courses will be case studies of social media applications in health care. They will be about how social media tools have been adapted to meet particular needs or solve problems. These will mainly be written by Fellows about the plans they developed through Social Media Residency, and the results. Writing the post about the results of executing their plan will be the criterion for advancement from Bronze to Silver status. Posts will be assigned to categories based on the main technology involved in the plan and which of the eight departments is a best fit, and will be designated as 300 or 400-level based on the initiative’s impact and complexity. Within the levels, course numbers will be assigned in consecutive order.
  • 400-Level courses will recap results of social media campaigns or comprehensive social media programs in organizations.