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Posted by Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Sep 23, 2013

Associate memberships offer opportunity for Patient Advocates, Students, Faculty

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for people who don’t currently work full-time in the health care industry to become Associate Members of the Social Media Health Network.

The network is a project of our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, gathering individuals and organizations interested in applying social media tools for health-related purposes. Through the network we provide health care social media training and access to resources, curriculum and community conversations.

The goal is to learn together as we navigate the application of revolutionary social media tools to promote health, to fight disease and to improve health care.

We started the network in 2010, and originally it was just for employees of dues-paying member organizations. We added free Guest accounts in 2012, giving access to some site content, and also created an Individual membership (at $495 per year) for those who work for health-related organizations.

Now we’re adding three categories of Associate Memberships to provide an involvement opportunity for those who don’t earn their living in a health-related occupation or who are involved in training the next generation of health-care professionals and communicators. Here’s Dr. Farris Timimi, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist and the medical director for the Center, describing the Associate Member categories:

Associate membership categories, criteria and dues are as follows:

  • Patient Advocate Associate – Those whose interest in using social media in health care relates to their experience as a patient or caregiver. Patient Advocate Associate memberships are $45 per year. Employees of hospitals or other health-related organizations are not eligible for this category of membership, nor are owners or employees of agencies serving health care clients.
  • Student Associate – College or university students as well as those in medical school or other allied health professional training. Student Associate memberships are $45 per year.
  • Faculty Associate – Undergraduate professors and those instructing students pursuing advanced degrees in health care or communications. Faculty Associate memberships are $95 per year.

For more information on member benefits, see this page.

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