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Posted by Brittany K. (@brittanylaurenk) · Aug 8, 2014

Brittany K. - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

I have been a longtime patient needing various kinds of medical treatment. Additionally, I watched my youngest daughter need extensive medical attention following her birth 3 years ago.

As her primary caregiver, I quickly had to become familiar with the top notch hospitals in our area and did extensive research, which including searching profiles on social media, to find the top tier care available to her in our region. Consistently I would search social media to see the tone of the messages and the engagement of patients who received care. Being a mother to a child who quickly went into the NICU after birth was a difficult experience, but I must say that social media allowed me to find the best doctors with the best medical acumen and bedside manner-social media proved to be a huge asset to me during that time.

I am also a Healthcare Recruiter for a children's hospital, so I focus directly on finding the top talent in the medical industry to meet and serve patients from across the globe. I hope to contribute to the conference as a particpant by offering first hand insight into my experiences as a patient as well as my vocational experience. I believe that I provide unique insight into patient care which will prove to be an invaluable asset at the conference.

I have come to love social media and often times search it prior to finding a new doctor or to see what people are saying about a certain medical care provider or hospital. I have a basic understanding of the power of leveraging different kinds of social media in order to reach vast audiences and connect with people from all corners of the earth.

Although I am no social media guru, I am extremely passionate about learning how to master the administration of a social media strategy for not only my organization, but also for the patients who receive stellar care at my organization. I am confident that my passion for social media will help create an atmosphere where everyone is excited about becoming masters of social media. I am thrilled to know that a conference like this exists and will offer me the opportunity to grow as a professional but also as a person that truly champions social media.

My social media accounts are as follows; Twitter @brittanylaurenk;; Youtube: Aniyah825; Instagram:@brittanylaurenk.

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SM Scholarship 2014

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