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Posted by Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Feb 11, 2014

Celebrity Sighting

You’re fairly certain you just saw a famous politician walking through a Mayo Clinic building. You post this on Yammer, Mayo Clinic’s internal social networking tool, to see if any of your colleagues saw him. Is this acceptable?

A. Yes, only Mayo Clinic employees and students have access to Yammer

B. No, it is never acceptable to discuss patients (or suspected patients) on social media

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Susan Lebel (@susanlebel) · Feb 11, 2014 · #


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Jennie Fiechtl (@dermandlaser) · Feb 11, 2014 · #


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Jason Pratt (@jasonpratt) · Feb 11, 2014 · #

B. Not acceptable at all, even though it's internal social media.

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camilo (@camilo) · Feb 13, 2014 · #

Does Randy Schwartz count as a celebrity?

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Diane Vicars (@dvicars) · Feb 21, 2014 · #

B. B. B.