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Posted by Joel Streed (@jstreed) · Nov 13, 2013

Create a Greater Voice: How to Get Doctors and Nurses to Write an Engaging Blog

Getting doctors and nurses from your organization to blog can be a challenge. At the 2013 #MayoRagan Social Media Summit, Kimberly Schrack from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, participated on a panel that included Drs. Farris Timimi, and Edward Creagan from Mayo Clinic and Sheryl Ness from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.

In this video, Kimberly Schrack shares some thoughts on her panel.

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Jan Chippy (@exrn) · Mar 20, 2014 · #

Why would any nurse, doctor or any health professional want to blog on your site when rules keep coming out of the blue about what is and what is not acceptable content. As an Ex RN i would not want to work in an organization that has a National Security / CIA / FBI attitude to what comments you can and can not make.. It makes a fundamental mockery of the "land of the free".

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