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Posted by danielleburgess (@danielleburgess) · Jul 31, 2014

danielleburgess - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

It’s a unique advantage I have to be a patient – a survivor of colorectal cancer now in my 30’s. Not only did my survivorship give me purpose – I use social media and blogging to share my story and help others. It helped me land a job – I work at the nonprofit Fight Colorectal Cancer as the Communications Director.

It’s my job to use social media tools to deliver our resources to the public. I typically rely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube to get our messages out there. Blogs and email marketing platform Constant Contact also carry the weight.

We have resources that share stories and help patients through treatment, and resources that could possibly save someone’s life through one simple click on a Twitter link about screening.

I’d love to learn how to share our resources better. To put our organization on the frontlines so that any patient in the U.S. who hears the same words I heard 13 years ago – “You have colon cancer” finds us and gets what they need – and quickly.

At Social Media Week I hope to join the conversation and share what I’ve done so far – both personally and as an organization. I regularly blog on the Huffington Post and use social media to not only share my experiences, but encourage others facing similar things. Our organization, Fight Colorectal Cancer, uses social media and online formats in a similar way. This year we’ve partnered with organizations like Mayo Clinic, ACS CAN and others in the NYC area and had a great social media response with millions of impressions for our campaigns. I’d love to share how we approach collaboration when it comes to healthcare social media.

Walking away from Social Media Week, I’d love to have more ideas on how to create engaging campaigns across all social mediums. I’d love to engage in conversations about how to target messages for each social media outlet, and how to create a plan that will translate across an organization with many cooks in the kitchen, but just one chef at the ‘social media stove.’

Last – I’d love to make sure colon and rectal cancer is represented at a conference like Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. We’re on a mission to talk about colorectal cancer and ensure that it has a seat at the tables where decisions are made – or in our case – where Facebook posts are crafted.

I’d like to represent both a patient and an advocate who’s working in health care to ensure that this 2nd leading cause of cancer death is a priority when it comes to saving lives and encouraging health, especially when it comes to social media.

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