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Started by Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Mon, Feb 24 at 7:11am CDT


You have a LinkedIn profile, and every time you log in, you are asked to endorse several of your connections for certain skills. Is this appropriate?

picture of linkedin endorsements









A. Yes, for all connections

B. Yes, but only for other Mayo Clinic employees or students

C. No

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Jennie Fiechtl (@dermandlaser) · Wed, Feb 26 at 9:20am CDT · #

A. As long as these are true to form endorsements and you are on your personal profile.

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transom (@transom) · Tue, Mar 4 at 4:18pm CDT · #

C. No
This surprised me when I heard it, but if I recall correctly, you shouldn't endorse any other Mayo Clinic employees or students.

Joel (@joelkrueger) · Thu, Mar 6 at 8:26am CDT · #

A. I know the answer is C but I really have an issue with this one. While I understand the underlying concern for Mayo, I think this rule is too broad. For example I have been in my career for 29+ years, and only the last two years has been with Mayo. This rule means that I can not endorse any individual I worked with at ANY job prior to coming to Mayo. I think people understand that at LinkedIn it is not an endorsement by my current employer if I endorse a former colleague I worked with, or a skill that I witnessed that colleague using at 'XYZ' company years before joining my current employer. Mayo should not own my career.

Lisa Newcomb (@Newcomb_Lisa) · Fri, Mar 28 at 2:33pm CDT · #

Appropriate or not, Linked in thinks it's a great idea. I think it's rather meaningless, (though it's nice too see those endorsements add up) because you're already demonstrating that you have x, y, z skills in your work/education sections in your profile. I think the feature is a little fluffy and made really as a way for Linked in to increase "engagement" among members.