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GSM 103: Introduction to the Social Media Fellows Program

The Social Media Fellows Program is the next step after Social Media Residency, with the goal of moving from learning about social media in health care to actively applying these revolutionary tools.

In the video below, Dr. Farris Timimi, the medical director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM), and I provide an overview of how the Social Media Fellows Program relates to Social Media Residency. We also describe the various levels and the criteria for advancement.


Steps to joining the Social Media Fellows program

Bronze BadgeTo be eligible for Bronze Fellow designation you must complete Social Media Residency, either during one of our in-person sessions or as part of an online cohort. The end product of Social Media Residency is development of a Strategic Social Media Plan. See BUS 150 for details.

The second step is to Submit your plan for Review by your Chief Resident or another member of the MCCSM Staff or Advisory Board. Review may occur at the end of your in-person Residency, or you can wait and submit your plan after further reflection. This is your opportunity to get feedback and guidance from an experienced social media practitioner. In essence, it’s a consulting conversation to help you strengthen your plan.

To arrange for your plan review, send your draft plan via email to the Center for Social Media. After you have gone through the review process we will send your Bronze Fellow Certificate and upgrade your Network badge from Resident to Bronze Fellow.

Silver badgeYou receive Silver Fellow designation by executing your plan and then reporting results and lessons learned through a post on the Network site. Click this link to indicate your interest in becoming a Silver Fellow, and then we’ll arrange a phone call to discuss your project progress and what we would expect in a curriculum post. Upon publication of the post, we upgrade your badge to Silver Fellow and send your new certificate. We also may wish to feature your work in a members-only webinar.



Gold badgeGold Fellow status comes when you have shared your results with a broader audience

  • by presenting at our Social Media Health Network Scientific Sessions in October (part of Social Media Week)
  • by presenting at a scientific or medical specialty meeting (e.g. American College of Cardiology, state hospital association), or
  • by publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Those demonstrating significant mentorship and teaching commitments within the Social Media Health Network also may receive Gold Fellow designation, apart from presentation or publication. Click here when you are ready to apply for Gold Fellow status.

Platinum badgePlatinum Fellow designation is conferred by nomination rather than application. It represents the highest level of community involvement, engagement and contribution. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must be a Gold Fellow or have served as a member of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Advisory Board.


The Social Media Fellows Program is available to Social Media Health Network members in good standing who have completed Social Media Residency. If you are not a Network member, see this page for information on how your organization can join. If you haven't completed Social Media Residency, see the listing of upcoming course offerings.

If you are a member and have completed Social Media Residency, send your draft plan via email to request a review of your plan.

If you have questions about the Social Media Fellows program, ask them in the comments below, in the Residency group or contact us by email.

Lee Aase is the Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. 


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