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Posted by Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Sep 24, 2013

Individual Membership: An Opportunity for Social Media Advocates

Since launching the Social Media Health Network in late 2010, the primary unit of membership has been the organization. When a hospital, medical practice, government agency, association or company joins the network, everyone sharing that email domain (e.g. receives full member benefits, including:

  • access to all curriculum posts,
  • participation in member community discussions, and
  • discounts on events.

Recognizing  challenges faced by the lone social media advocate within an organization, we added an affordable option for Individual Membership.
Network Membership Options

Individual Membership is a great way to get started in the Network without waiting for your organization.

Join now by completing the Social Media Health Network Membership Application.
If you currently have a Guest account in the Network you may upgrade here in the Change Membership tab.

If you'd like to discuss membership options, call: 507-538-1092 or contact us by email.


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