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Posted by Jenny Redmond (@jennyredmond) · Aug 4, 2014

Jenny Redmond - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

I was a 39 year old single mother when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in August 2012. I had a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and several surgeries. I had been a fourth grade teacher for 17 years but I had to take a long term medical leave during my treatments.

Thanks to my family, friends, coworkers, and others in the community my bills were always paid and there was always food on our table. During my treatments I began painting. This began as something to keep me busy but turned into much more. It became my therapy. Little did I know at the time, it would also be a way to help ease the financial burden of medical bills and other expenses. I never thought anyone would be interested in buying my work. But, after I began to slowly share some of my art, friends started showing an interest. I was asked to donate a piece of my work to a local art auction scholarship fundraiser and to participate in an Artists’ Studio Open House. Currently, I am still selling my work mostly through social media.

Wanting to give back to the community that had helped me so much I chose to pay it forward in the form of art therapy classes. I was comfortable speaking to and teaching groups of people and now I had this passion for art. I approached the Tammy Walker Cancer Center where I had received my treatments and told them my idea. I wanted to make a connection with the cancer center and the art community. I wanted to give art classes to current patients, survivors, caregivers, and family members of patients and survivors.

I started off giving classes to the support groups already in place at the center. They were very successful. After my first class I cried tears of joy because of some of the events and discussions that occurred in that first class. I knew I must be doing something right. I am now volunteering as the Art Therapy Director of the Tammy walker Cancer Center.

I have been in contact with several other artists about giving a presentation or workshop and sharing their stories if they have been personally affected by cancer. I will also continue to give classes. I would love to share my story at the conference not just about how I survived cancer but also about finding the silver lining in a crisis and ultimately rediscovering who I really was and finding peace through it all. I hope to hear other inspiring stories and how others have overcome. I hope that my story may inspire and bring hope to others.

You can read more about my journey and see my art at the following links:

Questions about the contest or the voting process? Click here.

SM Scholarship 2014

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Maegan Trafton (@maegantrafton) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny, you inspired me to become a great teacher! Now your story inspires me to overcome life challenges!

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sherry (@sherdev) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny is a true inspiration to everyone around her! She has taken the battle with cancer to a higher level and found a way to not only heal herself spiritually but to help others.

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lfavre (@lfavre) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Congratulations Jenny! I hope you win the scholarship. You will be an inspiration to all those you can reach.

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Rebecca Foster (@rebeccaf) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

No matter what challenges someone may be going through, they can always look to you for inspiration. Here's to continued opportunities to inspire others through what life brings them.

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Dave Shrum (@daveshrum) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

If you knew Jenny you'd know she more than deserves this scholarship. She has been such a God send for my wife. God bless, Jenny

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JenN-Moo (@moomie) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny has been an amazing inspiration.

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Linda Hughes (@lindahughes) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

I think that is wonderful of you that you teach & help others face their challenges head on with understanding & love, very inspiring!
**Registered here just so I could vote for you, but think this site should make voting for others easier.

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MBartow (@mbart) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny so deserves to win this scholarship because she has faced incredible challenges in the past few years and has triumphed with grace & dignity!

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Dixie (@jndn92) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny is an inspiration to all not only in how she has handled this journey but also in how she puts her whole heart into her art and helping others express themselves through art.

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Gregory Garlett (@gregorygarlett) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

Jenny is a true artist and inspiration, creating beauty during a time of overwhelming adversity.

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LindaE (@eveready) · Aug 4, 2014 · #

You art packs a powerful and loving message of hope and life. You are very deserving of this scholarship!

BettyJaneD (@bettyjaned) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

What a struggle that year was-but Jenny's art brought peace & comfort to her and JOY to many others. Truly a silver lining.

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Tracey Palen (@farmmom) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

I proudly display one of Jenny's paintings in my office. It warms my heart every time I look at it!

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darla (@darlah) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

Yay for art therapy and yay for silver linings!

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Pat Sh (@patsh) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

Jen is kind and caring. She has been encouraging and supportive during my cancer treatments. She is a wonderful friend. Thanks Jen!!!

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Kathleen Robbins (@kathleenrobbins) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

Jenny, you are the sunshine that produces a beautiful rainbow after the storm with your attitude and beautiful paintings! I enjoy the one I purchased every day as it brings color into my life and surroundings!!!

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Michelle Meade (@michellebijou21) · Aug 6, 2014 · #

Love to watch you grow glow and GO!

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Elma (@elma58) · Aug 6, 2014 · #

You are so strong..

lahall (@lahall) · Aug 6, 2014 · #

I'm so glad that you have found this passion!

Rena Holloway (@renaholloway) · Aug 6, 2014 · #

So proud of all you are doing Jenny!

Sheryl (@sherylh) · Aug 6, 2014 · #

Jenny your story is an inspiration to many people and it is a joy to hear the passion you have as you help others.

Shanel (@shanel) · Aug 7, 2014 · #

Love your paintings, are very talented and been through so much. Good luck, hope you win this!!