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Posted by Mark Hathaway (@mgregmaine) · Jul 14, 2014

Mark Hathaway - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

As an author and public speaker about the patients perspective I am confident that I have much to contribute and also much to learn at Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. I am excited by the opportunity to share with others my experience as a coma patient who awoke to the reality of living in a world with Locked-in Syndrome where I could neither speak nor move. It took me nearly two weeks before I could signal "yes" and "no" by blinking my eyes, and six weeks before I could utter a sound and move my arm. With medical advancements more and more patients find themselves Locked-in. To my knowledge there is no support community for Locked-in Syndrome at Mayo and I would like to be a part of the formation of that community.

I am equally excited to get the chance, along with my companion, to learn more about the social media skills and strategies which will enable me to fulfill a dream of reaching others to give inspiration, hope, and understanding to those who may be in a similar circumstance or have a loved one who is. Caregivers would learn much from the support I received during my ordeal. In addition, I know that medical professionals can gain insight, compassion, and knowledge from my unique experience.

I do have a Facebook page under Mark Hathaway and another under Author Mark Hathaway. I have a website, a fledgling Twitter account, and have a video of a talk that I would like to edit and put on You Tube. I'll provide a link to my first public talk concerning my book. With each talk or public speaking engagement I become more relaxed and capable.

My book "World Locked In: Six Weeks in Coma and Beyond" is now available on Amazon for your review. Medical professionals have rated it very highly as well as those who have been touched by catastrophic events as most of us have been. The memoir has also been named a finalist for a Maine Literary Award. The book has been out less than a year and I am struggling to gain exposure outside of Maine. My first Massachusetts public speaking exposure will take place at a state-wide conference for Respiratory Therapists in early October.

Although I have much to learn regarding social media skills I am positive about my ability to learn those skills and to use them to help establish and solidify a community for Locked-in Syndrome with the at Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. I would welcome any opportunity to contribute to Social Media Week and would be honored to speak publicly at any point during the week.

Again, I am very excited for this opportunity, to give back to those who came to my aid and to pass forward the insight I was lucky enough to experience. I would appreciate your vote which will allow me to proceed to the next step in my quest. Thank you for your consideration and assistance. +

Questions about the contest or the voting process? Click here.

SM Scholarship 2014

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Marie Kenerson (@mariekenerson) · Jul 15, 2014 · #

Mark, your book describes a spiritual journey through what to many would seem a horrifying experience. You have overcome so many challenges and have so much to share with medical practitioners, patients and families. It is through social media that you can finally realize the dream of connecting people, sharing, learning and comforting others. Good Luck.


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Lisa Nova Smith (@lisanovasmith) · Jul 16, 2014 · #

Question for Mark and Mayo Social Media Health Network (specifically the Social Media Scholarship) - Many of my friends have LIKED and Shared your Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014 Essay on Facebook to help you attend the upcoming event. I don't know how all of those likes and shares get added to your count. Also, the LIKE button below your essay does not appear on iPads. Just want to be sure that Mayo SMHN sees all of your LIKE supporters. If I can take a snapshot of the FB likes and shares, would that be added to your tally?

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Lisa Nova Smith (@lisanovasmith) · Jul 16, 2014 · #

Here's proof supporting Mark for the scholarship!
Lisa Novajosky Smith Friends: Please Like (and Share if so inclined) so that Mark will win the scholarship trip to Mayo. Mayo's using Social Media to change the world - for all of us. Thanks!
Mark Hathaway - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014
As an author and public speaker about the patients perspective I am confident that I have much to contribute and also much to learn at ...
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kjgirl (@carla1406) · Jul 25, 2014 · #

Wonderful book. I learned so much from Mark's experience.

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Mark Hathaway (@mgregmaine) · Jul 25, 2014 · #

Thank you all for your support. I'm hoping others can learn from my experience.

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Marie Kenerson (@mariekenerson) · Jul 25, 2014 · #

I hope you can connect the people who have suffered from encephalitis, coma, brain trauma, LockedIn syndrome, even stroke or ALS, their family members and care givers. To connect with one another using accessibility of social media to share information, experience, resources, conversations, virtually any kind of mean-making needed by people to navigate such trauma. The medical information as well as the psychological and emotional support can help bring understanding and practical advice to others. And you spiritual perspective is something to behold. In these days if HC striving to engage patients, you are great insights about the kind of care that does engage and heal. Good luck getting the word out. I wish it was easier to count those you have touched with you books, posts, talks.


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Jakemarcy (@jakemarcy) · Jul 28, 2014 · #

Mark has shared through his book and talks in a positive and informative manner. The opportunity to communicate through Social Media would open key information and offer comfort and inspiration to others.

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johnny shucks (@johnnyshucks) · Jul 29, 2014 · #

Mark has a unique insight to share with others. This scholarship would help him reach others who could learn from his experience and gain inspiration, hope, and understanding.

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Tom k (@tomk) · Jul 29, 2014 · #

Good luck with scholarship, Mark. It's an inspiring story that many can learn from.

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Sderby (@suederby90) · Jul 29, 2014 · #

Good luck with the scholarship. This is such an inspirational story. I'm sure it will help a tremendous amount of people.

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Jennyin (@jennyinmaine) · Jul 31, 2014 · #

Mark grabs listeners and readers with warm, funny, well timed stories. His spark, wit and depth engage our spirits. Through this Social Media Week scholarship a world of individuals,families and friends would gain access to his rare ability to share this unique journey through a simple click of the mouse.


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Linda Hageman, RN (@hagm04) · Jul 31, 2014 · #

Dear Mark,
Read your Book Truly Inspirational! Should be mandatory reading for all medical professionals. Linda Hageman, RN

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Bruce (@bruce102) · Jul 31, 2014 · #

I couldn't put Mark's book down -- it is engrossing and informative. Mark has a lot to give to patients, family, and caregivers of locked-in patients. i hope Mark gets to attend Social Media Week.

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Scooby22 (@scooby22) · Jul 31, 2014 · #

Good luck on scholarship.

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Tim Agnew (@timp) · Jul 31, 2014 · #

Mark is an amazing guy who has been places very few others have been, both in person and in the course of his coma and locked-in syndrome. His book is a very honest and moving explanation of what happened to him. Highly recommended.

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C. Carlton (@carltonck) · Aug 1, 2014 · #

As speaker liaison for the Maine Society of Respiratory Care I had the honor of meeting Mark and booking him as a speaker at our conference in May 2014. This happened to be his first speaking engagement. His experiences as a patient and his amazing view of that time are profoundly moving. There are many healthcare workers who become numb over time to the reality of our patient's experiences. Hearing Mark speak snaps anyone right out of that apathy. Having the opportunity to attend this conference will only serve to heighten his message to caregivers, patients and healthcare workers.
C. Carlton

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Susan Kertzer (@susankertzer) · Aug 1, 2014 · #

Mark's message is important and merits being shared as broadly as possible and particularly across generations.

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annav (@annav) · Aug 1, 2014 · #

An amazing book with accessible information for people, their loved ones and care providers. Mark has a lot of great information to share-- to teach others the best ways to care for and about people in illness and healing.

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Cheri (@cheri1071) · Aug 2, 2014 · #

Mark was nice enough to meet with my teenage son and I to discuss a book. He is extremely deserving of anything he wishes to accomplish.

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Ed Wilson (@ejwilson) · Aug 3, 2014 · #

Mark's courage and dedication to overcoming adversity along with his capacity to provide others who need such courage to overcome theirs is to be commended. He is a hero to those who have witnessed what he has accomplished. Ed Wilson

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kmtucker (@kmtucker) · Aug 3, 2014 · #

Mark is a remarkable person! I always enjoy talking with him - and his book amazes and delights- so positive a perspective on very challenging circumstances!

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