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Posted by Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Jul 7, 2014

Patients/Caregivers: Win a Scholarship to Attend Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic

Apply Now buttonOnce again and for the fourth consecutive year, we'll provide three (3) full scholarships so that patient and caregiver advocates can participate in Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. Social Media Week takes place from October 20 through 23 at Mayo's campus in Rochester, Minn.

And we really do mean a full scholarship that covers tuition for Social Media Residency and registration fees for the #MayoRagan Social Media Summit, and the Social Media Health Network member meeting, as well as airfare and lodging. (Note: Each recipient may bring one companion to participate in all events at no charge, but travel costs remain the responsibility of the companion.)

Scholarship applicants must be either a patient or caregiver who:

  • has already demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing health and health care delivery via patient empowerment;
  • has not, because of financial constraints, been able to attend this type of conference; and
  • submits an original essay as per contest rules.

How to Apply

  • Create a guest account on Mayo Clinic's Social Media Health Network.
  • Submit your original essay (350-500 words) describing how your participation will serve the greater good of the health care community during and after Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. Tell us how and what you hope to contribute, as well as what you hope to learn.

Beginning July 9, essays qualifying after review will be published on this page for public comments and votes by site visitors until August 9. The 15 essays that receive the most votes will become the pool from which our judging panel will select three recipients. Read and vote on all of the essays.

See these FAQs for more information.

Questions? Please use the comments section below or contact us via email.

Please help spread the word about this scholarship contest!
If you know good candidates, please encourage them to apply.

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hawazinm (@hawazinm) · Jul 11, 2014 · #

great opportunity! can we apply from any country in the world ?

Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Jul 11, 2014 · #

Unfortunately and for a variety of reasons, the scholarship contest is limited to US citizens. For more details about why, see: