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Posted by Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Fri, Jun 27 at 6:00am CDT

Register for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic

Haven't yet participated in Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic?

Make this the year you do!
October 20-23 in Rochester, MN

Registration opens today for a week of lively learning and conversation about current best practices for health care social media. Highlights of the week include:

  • Social Media Residency, an intensive one-day hands-on course about the strategic application of social media in health care on Monday (10/20).
  • Ragan Communications-sponsored Pre-Conference Workshops on Tuesday (10/21).
  • The 6th Annual #MayoRagan Social Media Summit from Wednesday (10/22) until Thursday noon (10/23).
  • Our Social Media Health Network Annual Member Meeting, starting at 2:00 PM Thursday and concluding with the annual Network Member Dinner that evening.

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  • Use Network Points to cover some or all costs.

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Otherwise, you may register for the#MayoRagan Summit directly on the Ragan site.

Once you have registered for Social Media Week, check out the hotel options.

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dave crockett (@dcrockett) · Fri, Jun 27 at 1:45pm CDT · #

I am a practicing physician. Is this media week geared toward healthcare organizations or can a physician benefit in a significant way from attending?

Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Fri, Jun 27 at 2:26pm CDT · #

Resounding "yes" to your question! Hear what #MCCSM Medical Director @Farris Timimi has to say in the video posted here: I'm also tagging EAB members (physicians) @Matthew Katz, MD @Christian Sinclair @Wendy Sue Swanson, MD and @Bryan Vartabedian to offer their thoughts about how you might benefit.

Edited: 06/27/2014 @ 2:27pm

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Matthew Katz, MD (@mattkatz) · Sat, Jun 28 at 5:58am CDT · #

Dave, good question. If you are seriously interested in learning about digital health communications, I think Mayo's offerings are among the best. I'm a busy private practice doc, and to date it's the only one I've found worth attending.

For me, it was a little overwhelming at first because it's different from a medical/academic meeting. It's more of an immersion experience, but Mayo gives you practical learning information about social media. It's also an opportunity to meet similarly minded people face-to-face, rather than just digitally. And if you are a part of a healthcare organization, I suspect most are eager to have savvy, empowered doctors capable of using social media help with content and organizational leadership.

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Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Sat, Jun 28 at 9:43am CDT · #

Thanks, Matt. Appreciate that you've underscored that we offer an immersion experience quite unlike a meeting during which papers/posters are presented. Nothing passive about our learning environment, that's for sure!

Edited: 06/28/2014 @ 9:44am

Bryan Vartabedian (@bryanvartabedian) · 6 day(s) ago · #

Absolutely. While I might suggest that the programming is more geared toward institutions/hospitals, there's lots of derivative information that can be gleaned. Perhaps the best opportunities are in the networking. I would personally extend an offer to sit with you and help you work through issues related to your professional public presence. And I could introduce you to others who can do the same.

I hope to see you there.