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Posted by Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Fri, Jun 27 at 6:00am CDT

Register for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic

Haven't yet participated in Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic?

Make this the year you do!
October 20-23 in Rochester, MN

Registration opens today for a week of lively learning and conversation about current best practices for health care social media. Highlights of the week include:

  • Social Media Residency, an intensive one-day hands-on course about the strategic application of social media in health care on Monday (10/20).
  • Ragan Communications-sponsored Pre-Conference Workshops on Tuesday (10/21).
  • The 6th Annual #MayoRagan Social Media Summit from Wednesday (10/22) until Thursday noon (10/23).
  • Our Social Media Health Network Annual Member Meeting, starting at 2:00 PM Thursday and concluding with the annual Network Member Dinner that evening.

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  • Use Network Points to cover some or all costs.

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Or, purchase a registration bundle that includes a one-year SMHN membership.

Otherwise, you may register for the#MayoRagan Summit directly on the Ragan site.

Once you have registered for Social Media Week, check out the hotel options.

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al odom (@dcrockett) · Fri, Jun 27 at 1:45pm CDT · #

I am a practicing physician. Is this media week geared toward healthcare organizations or can a physician benefit in a significant way from attending?

Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Fri, Jun 27 at 2:26pm CDT · #

Resounding "yes" to your question! Hear what #MCCSM Medical Director @Farris Timimi has to say in the video posted here: I'm also tagging EAB members (physicians) @Matthew Katz, MD @Christian Sinclair @Wendy Sue Swanson, MD and @Bryan Vartabedian to offer their thoughts about how you might benefit.

Edited: 06/27/2014 @ 2:27pm

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Matthew Katz, MD (@mattkatz) · Sat, Jun 28 at 5:58am CDT · #

Dave, good question. If you are seriously interested in learning about digital health communications, I think Mayo's offerings are among the best. I'm a busy private practice doc, and to date it's the only one I've found worth attending.

For me, it was a little overwhelming at first because it's different from a medical/academic meeting. It's more of an immersion experience, but Mayo gives you practical learning information about social media. It's also an opportunity to meet similarly minded people face-to-face, rather than just digitally. And if you are a part of a healthcare organization, I suspect most are eager to have savvy, empowered doctors capable of using social media help with content and organizational leadership.

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Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Sat, Jun 28 at 9:43am CDT · #

Thanks, Matt. Appreciate that you've underscored that we offer an immersion experience quite unlike a meeting during which papers/posters are presented. Nothing passive about our learning environment, that's for sure!

Edited: 06/28/2014 @ 9:44am

Bryan Vartabedian (@bryanvartabedian) · Fri, Jul 25 at 1:10pm CDT · #

Absolutely. While I might suggest that the programming is more geared toward institutions/hospitals, there's lots of derivative information that can be gleaned. Perhaps the best opportunities are in the networking. I would personally extend an offer to sit with you and help you work through issues related to your professional public presence. And I could introduce you to others who can do the same.

I hope to see you there.

al odom (@dcrockett) · Wed, Aug 13 at 4:13pm CDT · #

Do you need a certain level of expertise with social media to benefit from this meeting. I like what Matthew and Bryan had to say. Sort of a strategic move.

Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Wed, Aug 13 at 6:56pm CDT · #

Dave, short answer is "no." Longer answer is that we've created the Social Media Residency to accommodate all levels of expertise and comfort with social media. We've had Residents with lots of experience and a relatively high level of geekery to those who weren't quite sure how to set up a Pinterest account. All are welcome and all are met where they are and led to a greater level of expertise and comfort.

Linda Hageman, RN (@hagm04) · Thu, Aug 14 at 6:47am CDT · #

When will the winners of the Mayo Clinic Essay Contest be announced?

Linda Hageman, RN

Meredith Gould, PhD (@meredithgould) · Thu, Aug 14 at 7:09am CDT · #

Linda, the deadline for judges to return their votes is this Friday, so if that goes smoothly we'll announce by next week.

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