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Posted by Sandra Pieschel (@sandrapieschel) · Aug 4, 2014

Sandra Pieschel - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

I am a Diabetes Educator and proud recipient of the 2014 GEM Award (Giving Excellence Meaning) for the California region in the category of Education/Mentorship.

Every day, I meet patients and staff who seek to learn more about how to better manage blood glucose. Regularly, I am encouraged to share my unique teaching model and individualized learning style with others and I struggle with how to do that in today's technological world.
If more patients and caregivers could be reached, they could be provided effective tools to help them optimally embrace their self management skills and enlightened about the role of accountability for lifestyle choices.

I am a Baby Boomer, new to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. At work, I often serve as a preceptor to young, BSN Nursing students, provide an active role in our hospital's New graduate Nurse Residency program and the coordinate the orientation process of all new clinical staff. Clearly, Social Media is well integrated into the majority of their routines.

I recognize my need for support to expand my ability to reach out to those who have already adapted to online opportunities. This Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit seems like the perfect way for me to bring this component to my community and reach out beyond local customers. Currently, Diabetes related costs are estimated by the CDC as 1 of 5 Healthcare dollars and believed to be largely preventable. Sadly, more young people are affected by Type 2 Diabetes than ever before, and both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are becoming more prevalent in both the young and the elderly. Please consider my application as a serious candidate for this scholarship to help me to expand my skills with communication through Social Media.

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SM Scholarship 2014


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