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Posted by Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Jul 16, 2013

Scholarship Contest FAQs

Here are answers to some questions we've been receiving about our Patient/Caregiver Scholarship Essay Contest for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic.

Do I have to be a Mayo Clinic patient to enter?

No. our contest is open to all legal U.S. residents.

Why is the contest limited to U.S. residents?

It would simply be too difficult and expensive for us to identify and comply with the many different laws that apply to contests in all the countries from which we might receive entries. As you see from the official rules, it’s a little complicated even for a U.S.-only contest since we need to comply with rules in multiple states.

Why does this have to be a contest?

We award scholarships through a contest for legal and practical reasons. Legally, we have to have a rational basis for choosing prize recipients, or the scholarships could become an impermissible gift. Practically, we want to encourage many people to come forward to share their stories, and we want others to read and be inspired by them. An open process helps gather more stories, gives a voice to all entrants and helps us create a better program for Social Media Week, where scholarship winners will be part of a keynote panel.

How many times may I vote?

Beginning July 9, you may vote for as many essays as you want, and in two ways:

  1. By leaving a positive comment on the post and
  2. By clicking the “Like” button at the bottom of the essay

We will count the total likes and the positive comments from unique individuals; the same individual making five positive comments on the same essay will only count as one vote. So, in essence, each person could vote twice: once by “liking” and once by commenting.

Why do I have to create a Guest account to vote?

See above. An account helps us manage voting, ensuring that each person can vote a maximum of two times per essay.

Do Tweets and shares on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn count in the vote totals?

No, only "likes" and comments at the bottom of each essay will be included in voting for finalists. If you may share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn (or email for that matter) to help promote the posts for others to vote upon.

What is the source of funding for the scholarship prizes?

Our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media published a book last year called Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care. All net proceeds from the book are dedicated to funding scholarships for patients and caregivers to participate in MCCSM-sponsored programs like Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic.

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Jamal Ross (@drross) · Jul 9, 2014 · #

I am a British citizen, If I were willing to pay my own flight ticket to attend this conference, could I then be eligible to enter this competition?

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Jul 9, 2014 · #

Our attorneys tell us that it has to be limited to U.S. because of differing laws in other countries, so whether the prize includes airfare or just the conference registration doesn't remove that limitation. However, we do have a special reduced-rate membership for patients and caregivers that would enable you to save at least 25 percent on any of the events you wish to attend. Here is the sign-up link for that Patient Advocate Associate membership:

Pat Sh (@patsh) · Aug 5, 2014 · #

Jen is kind and caring. She has been encouraging and supportive during my cancer treatments. She is a wonderful friend. Thanks Jen!!!

Tammy (@tammywestphal) · Aug 15, 2014 · #


Jenny Redmond (@jennyredmond) · Aug 24, 2014 · #

Have the scholarship winners been announced?

Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Aug 25, 2014 · #

We're announcing the winners this week, Jenny.