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Posted by Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Jan 16, 2013

Social Media 110: Mayo Clinic's Social Media History

Mayo Clinic established its Center for Social Media in July 2010 (and subsequently the Social Media Health Network) as the next step in its social media progression. In this course Lee Aase, Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, describes Mayo's century-long history of social networking and how it led to our 21st-century social media journey.


Slides are interspersed within the video. You may download a PDF for reference or open in a separate window on Slideshare.

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Mayo Clinic has applied social media tools in its news media relations programs, to improve story pitches and also to make information directly available to patients and consumers. In the comments below, discuss how you could apply some of these tools in your work.

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Jessica Lawless (@jess_lawless) · Dec 3, 2013 · #

I was really inspired by this module's video and Dr. Noseworthy's address. Framing healthcare social media use as an important part of how we reach patients makes me excited to be in this field. As a freelance journalist, I know that having a complete package of material, including photos--not just a press release--makes it 10X more likely a story will be written. I would love to see more brand journalism like Mayo's at my job, because I think the easier you make it for journalists, the more coverage you get. My team ADORED the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog and we are contemplating adding something like it to our web presence and making our website more blog-y in general to boost both consumer and media attention/interest.

Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Dec 3, 2013 · #

Glad you liked it! Hopefully you will find some more resources here that will help you and your team.

Jessica Lawless (@jess_lawless) · Dec 10, 2013 · #

The resources have already proven helpful and I'm giving my officemates, who aren't social media people, a little glimpse into it. So far they all seem pretty excited!

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Pat Elliott (@patelliott) · Dec 3, 2013 · #

Good to see your enthusiasm, Jessica. Perhaps you can also share it with the Phoenix PR Pros group too. There are many of us doing exciting work in healthcare social media, and I look forward to your organization joining us.

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Jessica Lawless (@jess_lawless) · Dec 10, 2013 · #

I hope to have something useful to share with the PR Pros group when (if) my organization launches some more strategic social media initiatives. Social media is sort of a brave new world for me, so I would love to be able to report on what works and what doesn't in healthcare social media. We might start a blog on fitness and nutrition and I'm curious to see if that will work as well as I think it will.

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Pamela (@pwolfley) · Sat, Apr 12 at 7:49pm CDT · #

I agree with you that it is exciting to consider the possibilities of these tools as an effective way to connect and interact with our patients and community. It opens the window of opportunity to connect, not just for PR and marketing, but for education and creating awareness. AND, I also LOVE the idea of the Sharing Blog. I would be interested to explore that idea a little more, however I am concerned about how it would work and still stay in compliance with privacy laws.

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Jessica Lawless (@jess_lawless) · Sat, Apr 12 at 7:49pm CDT · #

I no longer work for NAH. Please contact Trista MacVittie (928-639-5058), NAH marketing director.

Sterling (@sterling_morris) · Sun, Apr 13 at 5:45pm CDT · #

I like the idea of loosening production standards for videos and taking advantage of video capturing devices like cell phones to conduct on-the-fly interviews when opportunities present themselves.

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Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Mon, Apr 14 at 12:27pm CDT · #

Very enjoyable overview of Mayo's entry into social media.

Seth Bracken (@sethbracken) · Mon, Apr 14 at 4:48pm CDT · #

I work with national reputation. One of our biggest challenges is reaching health care professionals who are not always quick to adopt new technologies. It seems to me that providing content that you just can't ignore is the only way to break that barrier. I would love to hear any feedback about the most effective ways to reach other health care professionals.

jbrewer1974 (@jerrybrewer) · Wed, May 7 at 11:01am CDT · #

Loved the video...we could easily use these resources to blog about skin cancer prevention, risks of tanning etc.

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Ann Nickels (@acnickels) · Fri, May 9 at 3:49pm CDT · #

My first goal is to use social media effectively to find audiences for nuanced healthcare stories that don't appeal to mass media. Having watched the video, however, I realize that this is merely scratching the surface, and I'm eager to learn more.

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