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Posted by Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Feb 12, 2014

Social Media at Meetings

Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation hosts several fascinating and well-known speakers at its annual Transform symposium, and this year, you’re lucky enough to attend. You have a personal Facebook and Twitter account, as well as a Yammer account. Where is it OK to post photos, quotes, and commentary about the symposium’s speakers?

A. Facebook

B. Twitter

C. Yammer

D. All three

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Jennie Fiechtl (@dermandlaser) · Feb 12, 2014 · #


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Ayman Aboulnasr (@aboulnasra) · Feb 13, 2014 · #

Answer D. All three.

However, it depends on what you'd post. If you are posting work-related then Yammer would be the ideal place since your peers and co-workers can see and interact with it more efficiently than others. For generic public-centered content, images and videos, you may go ahead with Facebook or Twitter.

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