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Posted by Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Feb 14, 2014

Social Media Profiles

When you create a social media profile for yourself, which is NOT appropriate to do?

A. Use the Mayo Clinic logo as your profile picture
B. Say that you work at Mayo Clinic on your profile
C. Use Mayo Clinic as part of your account name (e.g. @MayoClinicJoe)
D. All of the above
E. A and C

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Jennie Fiechtl (@dermandlaser) · Feb 14, 2014 · #

E. A and C

Vandana Y. Bhide, MD (@drvee) · Mar 13, 2014 · #

Agree, E

Jason Slusarchuk (@JasonHoots) · Mar 18, 2014 · #

As a well known brand with numerous social properties, fans, groups, etc, how would you recommend a large organization identify/manage brand use violations across the web?

Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Mar 18, 2014 · #

This can be a challenge. At Mayo, we are often alerted to violations by employees or others who stumble upon the violation by chance. We do use tools that help us search and monitor the web for keywords related to our brand which also helps us keep a handle on these.

Susan Lebel (@susanlebel) · Mar 20, 2014 · #

E. Also, if you say you work at Mayo, you should add that opinions are your own