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Posted by Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Jun 16, 2014

Start Social Media Week with our Residency

Residency photo.EditedWe deliver in-depth training in social media strategy, planning and execution during our one-day Social Media Residency.

Initially developed for Mayo Clinic employees, Social Media Residency is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis. And Social Media Residency is the kick-off event for this year's Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic, Oct. 20-23, 2014 on our Rochester, Minnesota campus.

During Residency you'll learn about:

  • Twitter chats
  • Facebook privacy and page management
  • Pinterest
  • Starting and managing a blog
  • Hands-on video shooting and editing

...and much more from experts whose passion for health care social media makes learning as fun as it is comprehensive.

By the end of Social Media Residency you'll be able to develop an actionable plan for strategically applying social media tools for your work, including methods for measuring results. Download a sample agenda from a recent session and visit the Social Media Residency page for more background about the program.

Visit the Social Media Week page for an overview of the entire week's events and links to register.

Registration is now open!
Special discounts available for SMHN members

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kathywinter (@kathywinter) · Jun 17, 2014 · #

Which campus will this be help at? Thank you!

Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Jun 17, 2014 · #

Being held at the Minnesota campus and thanks for asking so I can add it to the post! We'll also be posting information about hotel discounts. Hope you can attend, it's as enjoyable as it is instructive and illuminating.

Nadine Gregerson (@ngregerson) · Sep 12, 2014 · #

Meredith, I saw a sample agenda, is there generally an evening event prior to the residency? I'm about to book my hotel but haven't received any information about the details. Thank you!

Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) · Sep 12, 2014 · #

Yes and I'll post more publicly too: all residents are invited to an optional get-together on Sunday night (6-8) for hands-on help w/tech as needed...also food!

Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Sep 30, 2014 · #

Hi Nadine - we've decided to eliminate the formal get-together on Sunday night. We're just inviting those who need extra help to be sure to arrive bright and early on Monday morning at 7. So you'll still want to be in Rochester the evening before to be ready for an early start. Breakfast is at 7 and then we get going on the program at 7:30.

@Nadine Gregerson

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Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Oct 2, 2014 · #

Let's have an informal get together on Sunday night! I'll be there by the middle of the afternoon with not much to do and would love to meet some other attendees. Look for me at 5:00pm in the lobby. My contact info is in the member database if you want to reach out.

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Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Oct 2, 2014 · #

Which lobby? The Kahler?

Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Oct 2, 2014 · #

Yes - The Kahler Hotel lobby. I couldn't remember the name of the hotel. Thanks, Lee.

Michelle Maryns (@michellemaryns) · Oct 15, 2014 · #

Hi Janet!
Lauren Fischer and I will meet you in the Kahler Hotel lobby at 5 pm on Sunday. See you then!
Michelle Maryns

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Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Oct 19, 2014 · #

Thanks for meeting up. It was fun. Go Big Red!

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Michelle Maryns (@michellemaryns) · Oct 19, 2014 · #

It was great meeting you!

Lauren Fischer (@lfischer) · Oct 21, 2014 · #

It was great to meet you, Janet!

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Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Oct 15, 2014 · #

Great! See you gals there. My cell is 919-802-1423 if you need to call or text me.

Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93) · Oct 2, 2014 · #

When will the agenda for the full week be available?