Lee Aase (@leeaase) published a blog post · December 17th, 2013

Streamlining Social Media Residency

We're pleased to announce that Social Media Residency, our in-depth program on applying social media tools in health care, is now a one-day course, making the training more accessible and cost-effective.

Social Media Residency had been a 1.5-day course, with participants completing a few basic online modules in advance to create a common frame of reference. Now we're moving more of the program online, substantially enhancing the prerequisites, so we can trim the in-person portion to one day.

Getting pointersThis will let us allot less of our face-to-face time to presentations that can be delivered more efficiently online, and will enable richer discussion that is focused on the participants' questions and needs.

As the new Social Media Residency Agenda indicates, on the eve of the one-day program we'll have an optional session to provide extra hands-on help for those who feel they need pointers on creating or configuring their social media accounts.

The one-day program will reduce lodging costs for those traveling to participate, and also will enable us to offer the program more frequently and in additional locations. And because all Network members have access to the complete online curriculum (including the enhanced prerequisites), more of our training is now accessible even for those who can't attend an in-person course.

See the Social Media Residency page for further details on the program and for a list of upcoming sessions.

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