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Posted by Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Jan 8, 2014

TW 100: Preparing to Create Your Twitter Account

Twitter logoThis module is part of our Mayo Clinic Social Media Executive Course, a two-hour crash course focusing on Twitter. If you are participating in the Executive Course, download and complete our Twitter Account Creation Worksheet and bring it to our session.

If you're not in the Executive Course, this module will help you prepare for TW 101, which guides you in creating your Twitter account.

To create your account, you will need:

  1. A laptop, desktop or tablet computer. You can create your account using a smart phone, but you likely will find a computer or tablet more convenient.
  2. default_profile_0_biggerA digital photo of yourself. You can create your account without a photo, but accounts with the default “egg” avatar look less trustworthy.


Next, you should think about what you want to include in your 160-character biography. Here are some examples:

  • @JNoseworthyMD – President and CEO of @MayoClinic. Tweeting about the #FutureofHealthCare
  • @FarrisTimimi – Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media; Passion-Fatherhood/Wife/Patient Engagement; Heart Failure/Transplant Cardiologist. Tweets mine, not Mayo’s
  • @SharonneHayes – Cardiologist & Director of Diversity & Inclusion @MayoClinic. Educator, advocate for women with heart disease, SCAD survivors &
  • @MarthaGrogan1 – Cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, with interest in adult congenital heart disease – heart failure – cardiac amyloidosis
  • @LeeAase – Director, @MayoClinic Center for Social Media. Chancellor, SMUG. 11 descendants. One wife. @DavidsonMBB dad. Opinions tweeted are mine, not Mayo’s
  • @ReedSmith – Social Media Consultant to Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations. Advisory Board Member, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and the SXSW Interactive Festival
  • @ChrisBoyer – AVP of Digital Strategy for Northshore/LIJ Health System in New York. Member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Advisory Board

See GSM 104: Personal Branding in Social Media for guidance on choosing (or modifying) your Twitter user name.

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments below. You will need at least a free Guest account to comment, and for access to italicized modules in our Course Catalog.


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Karen Halsey (@karenhalsey) · May 4, 2014 · #

Writing a bio is a helpful way to narrow your area of focus on Twitter.

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Michael Hutchison (@thehutchcom) · Oct 17, 2014 · #

Isn't there a video? The link from the "Residency Prerequisites" page says that this page takes 10 minutes.

Lee Aase (@leeaase) · Oct 18, 2014 · #

There is no video. This is just a module to help you think through and gather the resources you need before you set up your account. So if you got it done in 3 minutes, consider it a gift of 7!

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