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Posted by Randy Schwarz (@randyschwarz) · Feb 13, 2014

Tweeting a Recommendation

One of your Twitter friends tweeted the following:

picture of tweet

You want to recommend Mayo Clinic. Which of the following responses would be the most appropriate as a Mayo employee?


A. @friend Come to Mayo Clinic—they have the best orthopedic surgeons in the world!

B. @friend Try @mayoclinic—they’re ranked #1 in ortho in the US News & World Report

C. @friend @mayoclinic has wonderful orthopedic surgeons. Disclaimer: I work there

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Danielle Thompson (@daniellethompson) · Feb 13, 2014 · #

C. IT's OK to share info, but you should be up front about your connection

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Mark (@markrkenny) · Feb 14, 2014 · #

I would offer more:

Contact @OrthoProgramManager at @Mayo Clinic. I work with her.

Dr. X has published a recent article on ACL at @Mayo Clinic

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Jennie Fiechtl (@dermandlaser) · Feb 14, 2014 · #

I would say B - it's backed up with a published ranking. Although I do like @Mark's added reply in the comments.