Joining the Network

Membership in the Social Media Health Network is open to individuals and organizations interested in practically applying social media tools to improve health care, promote health and fight disease.

This video explains why Mayo Clinic created the Network, as well as the benefits of membership:

Free Guest Account

If you want to sample more of the content available through the Social Media Health Network, you may register for a free Guest account. This enables you to comment on posts and also gives access to selected courses in our curriculum.

Paid Membership Options

As outlined in the video above, significant benefits come with paid memberships in the Social Media Health Network. Memberships are available both for Individuals and for Organizations.


If you are interested in membership for your Organization, which provides full Individual membership for all of your employees, download and complete the  Social Media Health Network Membership Application. Return your completed application via fax at 507-538-4583 or scan and send via email.


You may apply online for Individual or Associate memberships in the network.

  • Individual memberships ($495 per year) are for those who work for health-related organizations or for companies serving health care clientele. This membership level includes 250 points per year. See this post for further details.
  • Patient Advocate Associate memberships ($45 per year) are for patients and caregivers (those who are not employed by a health-related organization.)
  • Student Associate memberships ($45 per year) are for undergraduate students as well as those pursuing advanced degrees, whether in health-related or in communications.
  • Faculty Associate memberships ($95 per year) are for higher education professors and instructors.

For more information about the Network, call 507-538-1091.