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Alison O'Brien (@alisonobrien52091) replied to Erika Lovegreen - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014 · Fri, Jul 18 6:17pm · View  

Having worked closely with Erika, in a digital setting, I can say without a doubt that she would be an active and enthusiastic attendee! I truly believe in social media expanding the lives of senior citizens and my mother (84) is a perfect example. I created a Facebook account for her and she checks it multiple times a day. Quite often she's the one who starts the conversation with, "did you see on Facebook that...." My daughters (ages 27, 23 and 19) are her "friends" while my sister's daughters (16 and 20) chose not to "friend" her - it was my recommendation that she be on the receiving end of friend requests when it came to her granddaughters and she is totally cool with the [...]

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