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Bridget Gamble (@bridgetgamble) posted · Fri, Aug 15 1:14pm · View  

Bridget Gamble - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

Q: How would your participation serve the greater good during and after the conference?

A: The communities on the West and Southwest Sides of Chicago, where Sinai Health System is based, endure immense challenges to all aspects of health. Limited access to quality healthcare, safe neighborhoods and legitimate employment opportunities are just a few of the trials that my fellow caregivers help our community members to navigate, and to overcome.

As the sole communications specialist for a health system that includes three hospitals, a community institute, a medical group and a research institute, I have an abundance of important messages to relay. The socioeconomic disadvantages in our neighborhoods often limit our ability to communicate with individuals and their families. Frequent relocation, for example, [...]

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Sara Brown (@saratoppenbrown) responded:

Good luck, Bridget! Proud of you

Posted Tue, Aug 12 at 8:23pm CDT · View

Raul Garcia (@raulgarcia) responded:

Excellent job Bridget, you have my vote.... Good luck!

Posted Fri, Aug 15 at 1:14pm CDT · View Laura Leon likes this
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