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Mark Hathaway (@mgregmaine) replied to Mark Hathaway - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014 · Fri, Jul 25 11:58am · View  

Thank you all for your support. I'm hoping others can learn from my experience.

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Mark Hathaway (@mgregmaine) posted · Sun, Aug 31 7:14am · View  

Mark Hathaway - Patient/Caregiver Scholarship 2014

As an author and public speaker about the patients perspective I am confident that I have much to contribute and also much to learn at Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. I am excited by the opportunity to share with others my experience as a coma patient who awoke to the reality of living in a world with Locked-in Syndrome where I could neither speak nor move. It took me nearly two weeks before I could signal "yes" and "no" by blinking my eyes, and six weeks before I could utter a sound and move my arm. With medical advancements more and more patients find themselves Locked-in. To my knowledge there is no support community for Locked-in Syndrome at Mayo and I would like to [...]

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Rosie Pendoley (@rosiep) responded:

Hope I am not too late to vote! Read your book yesterday. I totally enjoyed reading your amazing and inspirational journey of life. I hope you get the chance to go to MN, learn, share and then start spreading the news!

Posted Sat, Aug 30 at 9:49am CDT · View

Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) responded:

Rosie, We announced the scholarship recipients were announced last week: Many wonderful applicants!

Posted Sun, Aug 31 at 7:14am CDT · View
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