Prerequisites for Social Media Residency

As a participant in Social Media Residency, we ask that you complete the following online assignments in advance of the in-person course. This will help to ensure that you have developed basic familiarity with the core platforms, and will enable us to provide a deeper and richer experience.

We estimate that it will take you approximately 8 hours to complete the prerequisites. Estimated time required is listed with each module. We're currently developing the unlinked courses, and expect their completion soon.

The courses listed in bold are available as preview samplers of the curriculum at no charge to Network site Visitors, and those in italics are available to those with free Guest accountsSocial Media Health Network  members have access to all of the curriculum modules, even before registering for Social Media Residency.

Will you be using an iPad at the Residency? If so, you'll want to read this post.

Required Modules

1. Create your account in the Social Media Health Network and complete these online courses:

2. Watch #SocialAtMayo – Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Guidelines (10 minutes)


We have several other modules that are not part of the core requirements, but that you may find helpful. Browse the Course Catalog to explore other platforms or dig deeper.