Social Media Residency

Others offer social media “bootcamps,” but the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media uses a medical metaphor to more accurately convey the nature of our most intense social media training program.

Just as medical residency is more advanced than medical school, Social Media Residency offers more than social media basics. Still, it is accessible for motivated beginners who want to accelerate learning.

To meet the broad spectrum of needs we’ve designed curriculum that includes prerequisites and a self-study preparation program to help novices gain initial experience.

RST residencyOur first priority: creating a dynamic learning experience. We use online modules for self-paced learning and review, with in-person or online cohorts to enable residents to dig deeper together and consult with experienced mentors (a.k.a. Chief Residents) drawn from our staff and External Advisory Board or other Social Media Health Network members. We maintain a resident/faculty ratio of no greater than 8:1 to facilitate and ensure interactive learning.

Some online training takes place in “safe spaces” where beginners can feel free to experiment, but we also require participation in public hands-on activities using online social platforms to develop competence and confidence.

We have organized the program around four learning objectives:

  • Professionalism, Risk Management and Compliance: Participants will be able to describe policies and guidelines for safe and appropriate use of social tools, as well as where they can find supportive training resources.
  • Best Practices, Case Studies: Participants will develop competence and confidence in using social platforms, and will be able to describe examples of their effective use for health-related purposes
  • Supporting Organizational Strategy: Participants will be able to describe how social tools can help accomplish broader organizational goals and will have the opportunity to develop strategic plans to apply these tools in their work.
  • Measurement: Participants will understand ways to demonstrate benefits of social media application, including ROI, and how to report results.

How can you participate?

All of the online learning modules are available for members of Mayo Clinic's Social Media Health Network, enabling motivated members to work through the curriculum at their own pace, at no additional charge. Get information on the Network and joining.

If you want to enroll in Social Media Residency for facilitated learning as part of our Social Media Fellows program, you have two options:

  1. Face to Face. We provide a one-day in-person cohort for Social Media Residency on each of our three Mayo Clinic campuses (Arizona, Florida and Minnesota) at least twice per year. We also will offer the program occasionally in other regions of the United States in collaboration with Social Media Health Network members. See the list of upcoming sessions at the bottom of this page for more information or to register. If you are interested in having your organization host a session, see this post for details.
  2. Online Cohort. We will be offering an extended cohort model, with periodic online chats and assignments. The online cohort model will likely begin in the first half of 2014.

Social Media Residents who complete the coursework and submit their plans for review receive the designation of Bronze Fellow in the Social Media Health Network.

Register today!

Registration is now open for the following cohorts:

See the course prerequisites for a sampler of the content. If you plan to use your iPad to participate, see this post for a list of apps you should install in advance.

If you have questions, contact the Center for Social Media at 507-538-1091 or by email.