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Social Media Residency Coming to Salt Lake City April 15

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is pleased to collaborate with University of Utah Health Care, a member of the Social Media Health Network, to bring the Social Media Residency program to Salt Lake City on April 15. In 2014 we are continuing the practice of bringing our Social Media Residency [...]

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Blogging 108 – Private Blogs

Private blogs are a way of test-driving WordPress without letting anyone else see what you’re doing. There are some legitimate reasons why you might want to consider a private blog to accomplish your goals. First, creating a private blog is really simple. Start a blog. If you already have a [...]

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Blogging 104 - Two Types of WordPress Blogs

There are two types of WordPress blogs. The first is hosted at no cost to you by WordPress itself, which makes everything quite easy. As you might expect, though, it does have its drawbacks. The second is self-hosted, meaning that you pay for it to be hosted on a platform [...]

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Social Media 101: Intro to Blogs

Many people have misconceptions about blogs. Some of this is based on misinformation or disinformation from the mainstream media about mysterious “bloggers.” Like we’re a completely different breed, if not a full-fledged new species that should be prevented from procreating. In essence, a blog is just a Web site that [...]

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