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TW 100: Preparing to Create Your Twitter Account

This module is part of our Mayo Clinic Social Media Executive Course, a two-hour crash course focusing on Twitter. If you are participating in the Executive Course, download and complete our Twitter Account Creation Worksheet and bring it to our session. If you're not in the Executive Course, this module will help you [...]

Created by Lee Aase

BLOG 301: The Social Media Health Network

As a 300-level course, BLOG 301 is a case study involving application of blogging technology to meet a specific need. This example comes from our experience in creating the Social Media Health Network site, beginning with roots in WordPress and Buddypress, and how the site has evolved through collaboration with [...]

Created by Lee Aase

Version 3 of Curriculum/Course Catalog

Version 3 of Curriculum/Course Catalog We appreciate all the great feedback and discussion we've had on the curriculum outline. As you will see in the attached, we've made many changes. One is to reorder the listing so we have the Business and the Ethics, Professionalism and Legal sections listed at [...]

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Updated Curriculum Feedback Request - URGENT

Updated Curriculum Feedback Request - URGENT We have gotten some helpful feedback on our first draft of the curriculum outline. One of the suggestions was that we break the courses into a few additional departments, so in the attached you will see that we now propose categories for: * Business [...]

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Cohorts and Self-Study Options for Curriculum

Cohorts and Self-Study Options for Curriculum Attached is a confidential memo to EAB on how we're thinking we should make curriculum available for self-study, as well as two different cohort/mentorship options. Let us know what you think, and any modifications you think would be helpful.

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Curriculum Outline Feedback Request

Curriculum Outline Looking for feedback on the attached. We're redesigning the Social Media Residency curriculum into video modules like this... Looking for your feedback on the attached outline. Does this outline make sense to you? What questions do you have? We will be looking for volunteers to create modules [...]

Created by Lee Aase