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Practice Pointers in the Wake of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Privacy Settlement

An OB/GYN at Johns Hopkins was fired last year after a colleague reported her suspicions about a "pen-like device" that was always around his neck, and that turned out to be a camera. The OB/GYN had secretly photographed 7,000 patients over ten years while conducting pelvic exams. Ten days later he [...]

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Social Media Residency Returns to Rochester on May 12

We're pleased to announce that our one-day Social Media Residency will meet May 12th at the Doubletree Hotel, near the Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester, Minn. The Social Media Residency had been a 1.5-day course, with participants completing a few basic online modules in advance to create a common frame of [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Posting About a Patient, Part 2

You just saw a patient with the strangest symptoms you've ever seen. You have a copy of the lab report detailing some of the blood test findings, so you decide to remove the patient’s name and post it on Facebook to see if your colleagues can figure out the case. [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Posting About a Patient

You had a difficult run-in today with a patient you just don’t like. Which of the following Facebook posts would be appropriate? Sheila the nurse posts: A. Mrs. Jones was here again today. What is her problem??? B. Sometimes, my job is a challenge. C. We had a patient who screamed and whined [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Social Media 121: Code of Ethics

Ethics go hand in hand with professionalism and professional behavior. Ethical violations are unprofessional. Merriam-Webster defines ethics as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation” and “a set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values, a guiding principle.” Simply [...]

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Social Media 124 - Ethics @ Mayo

The three shields of the Mayo Clinic logo represent patient care, medical education and research. They also embody Mayo's organizational philosophy and the standards and traditions that have lead to the success of Mayo Clinic for decades.  Conduct and behavior as individuals is really what sustains the quality and strength of Mayo's three shields. Dr. William J. [...]

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Social Media 126 - Professionalism for Nurses

Many nursing societies and associations publish a nursing Code of Ethics to act as a framework for use in ethical decision making. The most popular Code of Ethics for nursing is from the American Nursing Association (ANA). Nine provisions make up the ANA’s Code of Ethics: Practices with compassion and [...]

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Social Media 127 – Professionalism for Allied Health Professionals

Understanding how to behave professionally in the social space continues to be a problem today.  Examples of how not to behave online are all over the news these days. A prime example  involved a New York politician who recently admitted to sending inappropriate photographs of himself via Twitter.  You can read about [...]

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