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GSM 130 – Introduction to Google+

Born June 2011 and becoming available to the public without an invitation on September 20, 2011, Google+ has grown to have the second-largest social networking user base in the U.S. As of October 2013, Google+ reported 540 million monthly active users. Mayo Clinic joined Google+ March 2013, with our first post [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

GSM 106: Creating Your Google Account for YouTube and Google+

Having a permanent, personal email address is important for professionals who want to use social media. Every social networking site typically requires an email address as part of registration. Some also encourage linking to a mobile phone number. Both email address and mobile phone are helpful in case you forget, [...]

Created by Lee Aase

Bringing an iPad to Social Media Residency?

If you're attending our Social Media Residency and plan to use an iPad, we encourage you to download and install these apps ASAP! You'll also need to create an accounts on each of these platforms if you don't already have one. Installing these apps before starting Residency will save you time and ensure that [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Social Media Residency Coming to Salt Lake City April 15

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is pleased to collaborate with University of Utah Health Care, a member of the Social Media Health Network, to bring the Social Media Residency program to Salt Lake City on April 15. In 2014 we are continuing the practice of bringing our Social Media Residency [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

GSM 131: Introduction to Google+ Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts on Air are a great way to host live panel discussions, speakers, and other presentations, plus they are a perfect way to engage customers and the public. Using Google Hangouts on Air to broadcast live events can be a little tricky to plan and execute, but they are [...]

Created by Melissa Rethlefsen

BUS 143: Smart Administration for Google+ and YouTube

In this course, Jason Pratt shows how you can manage your organization's YouTube channel and Google+ account through the individual Google/Gmail accounts of your team members. Watch: This course is presented in a slidecast format on Slideshare. BUS143: Smart Administration for Google+ and YouTube from Mayo Clinic Assignment: If you [...]

Created by Lee Aase

Six Network Members Make Top 50 Social Media Friendly Hospitals

Recently, (sister site to the largest public health property, published an article on the Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Hospitals for 2013. The staff at gathered social media stats for all of the hospitals listed as “Nationally Ranked” for at least one adult specialty by U.S. News & World [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Examples of Google+ Hangouts. Hello, I am putting together a proposal for [...]

Examples of Google+ Hangouts. Hello, I am putting together a proposal for adding Google+ to our social media strategy. I have been looking for examples of hospitals using G+ Hangouts and have not found many. Are any of you using G+ as part of your social strategy? Are you using [...]

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