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Should doctors or hospitals follow their patients on Twitter?

That's the underlying question Hinda Mandell, Ph.D. raised Tuesday in a post on the Boston Public Radio site, "Brave New World: Your Doctor, Your Private Parts, Twitter And You." My gynecologist just followed my vagina on Twitter.  At least, that’s how it felt when I received email notification that I had [...]

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Dr. Farris Timimi and Dr. Bryan Vartabedian are featured in this article.

Dr. Farris Timimi and Dr. Bryan Vartabedian are featured in this article.

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#MayoRagan: Create Health Care Marketing Videos Patients Love

Does your organization create marketing or fundraising videos, but fail to get the effect you wanted? Do you wonder if there are better ways to communicate information? Creating videos that both inform and engage isn't as difficult as you might think. Michael Schmidt is the Director of Digital Media & Philanthropy [...]

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Associate memberships offer opportunity for Patient Advocates, Students, Faculty

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for people who don’t currently work full-time in the health care industry to become Associate Members of the Social Media Health Network. The network is a project of our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, gathering individuals and organizations interested in applying social [...]

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