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I recently gave a talk at the Texas Hospital Association about doctors [...]

I recently gave a talk at the Texas Hospital Association about doctors and hospitals connecting and supporting each other online (Physicians - the Missing Link in Hospital Marketing - But it leads to a couple of tricky questions. To avoid the "it depends" answer, I will try to be [...]

Created by Greg Matthews

Start the Patient-Doctor Relationship with Questions about Gathering Health Information

About one third of U.S. adults with online access will look up health information about a specific condition, but only about half will discuss what they've found with a doctor [Pew Internet]. Recent research suggests patients want to share what they learn online but often get a negative reaction from [...]

Created by Matthew Katz, MD

Hello Everyone! I have not had a chance to be on here [...]

Hello Everyone! I have not had a chance to be on here engaging with everyone as much as I would like to, but I was working today when this Facebook post came across my desk. Now the physician did not take photos of the patient's face, but there is what [...]

Created by Ahmanielle Hall

Webinar: Teach your physicians and staff how to blog

How do you get the best people to blog? Is it possible to train a proud, sensitive doctor who thinks he’s a perfectly adequate communicator to write in an accessible, popular, jargon-free style? Can you even teach this? On March 26, during this webinar, “Teach your physicians and staff how [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Webinar Archive: A Social Media Primer for Physicians

In this webinar from September, Susan Tellem, a partner at Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc. tries to help your doctors become experts in social media. If this webinar prompts thoughts or questions for you, please discuss in the comments below or in the Community Forum.

Created by Randy Schwarz

Create a Greater Voice: How to Get Doctors and Nurses to Write an Engaging Blog

Getting doctors and nurses from your organization to blog can be a challenge. At the 2013 #MayoRagan Social Media Summit, Kimberly Schrack from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, participated on a panel that included Drs. Farris Timimi, and Edward Creagan from Mayo Clinic and Sheryl Ness from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. In [...]

Created by Joel Streed

Webinar Archive: How to Engage Your Doctors in Social Media by Thinking Like a Doctor

One of the key benefits for members of the Social Media Health Network is free participation in the series of monthly webinars the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is producing in collaboration with Ragan Communications. While Ragan sells registration for each webinar for $99 to $199, Network members can register at no [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Webinar - A Social Media Primer for Physicians

Whether you're a PR or marketing, in-house or at an agency, a private-practice physician embarking on a social program or a manager in charge of a health care nonprofit with staff doctors, our new 75-minute webinar on Thursday, September 26, "A social media primer for hospital physicians" by Susan Tellem, [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

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