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Should doctors or hospitals follow their patients on Twitter?

That's the underlying question Hinda Mandell, Ph.D. raised Tuesday in a post on the Boston Public Radio site, "Brave New World: Your Doctor, Your Private Parts, Twitter And You." My gynecologist just followed my vagina on Twitter.  At least, that’s how it felt when I received email notification that I had [...]

Created by Lee Aase

Hello Everyone! I have not had a chance to be on here [...]

Hello Everyone! I have not had a chance to be on here engaging with everyone as much as I would like to, but I was working today when this Facebook post came across my desk. Now the physician did not take photos of the patient's face, but there is what [...]

Created by Ahmanielle Hall

Webinar - A Social Media Primer for Physicians

Whether you're a PR or marketing, in-house or at an agency, a private-practice physician embarking on a social program or a manager in charge of a health care nonprofit with staff doctors, our new 75-minute webinar on Thursday, September 26, "A social media primer for hospital physicians" by Susan Tellem, [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Medicine 2.0 is in the Dark Ages

Editor’s Note: Matt Katz, M.D., is a member of the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic center for Social Media. Medicine 2.0 may have a catchy jingle, it's simply wrong.  Medicine has ancient roots.  If we are going to really look at how to evolve healthcare, we should look beyond [...]

Created by Matthew Katz, MD

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