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Report from #MayoRagan: Measuring Internal Communications

Do you know if your communications are working? How do you measure electronic communications like intranets and social enterprise networks? Which metrics matter most to senior leaders? Learn how to measure your communications initiatives and the best way to calculate ROI to ensure your program's success from David Oarr, Director of Online [...]

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#MayoRagan: Create an internal measurement discipline to prove your social media ROI

An internal discipline of measurement and reporting is the single most important thing you can build to improve your campaigns and win over the marketing naysayers in your organization. The techniques covered in this session can be easily applied across your communication team. Chris Boyer, the AVP of Digital Strategy [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Nov. 5 Webinar: Create an award-winning online, interactive annual report

Nov. 5 Webinar: Create an award-winning online, interactive annual report

On Nov. 5th, Sutter Health's Carey Peterson and Jennifer Blake will discuss how their communications team transformed their annual report from a "phone book" to an innovative, interactive online report. Sutter Health began producing an online annual report in 2007, and each year, they improved the report's look and feel. Formatted in "responsive [...]

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BUS 121: Mayo Clinic Social Media ROI Case Studies

Social Media ROI case studies from Mayo Clinic, part of the Social Media Residency curriculum.

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