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Social Media Profiles

When you create a social media profile for yourself, which is NOT appropriate to do? A. Use the Mayo Clinic logo as your profile picture B. Say that you work at Mayo Clinic on your profile C. Use Mayo Clinic as part of your account name (e.g. @MayoClinicJoe) D. All of the above E. [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Tweeting a Recommendation

One of your Twitter friends tweeted the following: You want to recommend Mayo Clinic. Which of the following responses would be the most appropriate as a Mayo employee?   A. @Friend Come to Mayo Clinic—they have the best orthopedic surgeons in the world! B. @Friend Try @mayoclinic—they’re ranked #1 in ortho in [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Celebrity Sighting

You’re fairly certain you just saw a famous politician walking through a Mayo Clinic building. You post this on Yammer, Mayo Clinic’s internal social networking tool, to see if any of your colleagues saw him. Is this acceptable? A. Yes, only Mayo Clinic employees and students have access to Yammer B. No, it [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz