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Can Social Media Increase Medical Journal Article Readership?

That's the question asked, but not definitively answered, in a study presented this week in Chicago at the annual Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA) and published online in the AHA journal, Circulation. The wonderfully named "Intention-to-Tweet" study randomized 243 Circulation articles to receive social media promotion (or not) and then compared [...]

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Should doctors or hospitals follow their patients on Twitter?

That's the underlying question Hinda Mandell, Ph.D. raised Tuesday in a post on the Boston Public Radio site, "Brave New World: Your Doctor, Your Private Parts, Twitter And You." My gynecologist just followed my vagina on Twitter.  At least, that’s how it felt when I received email notification that I had [...]

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Social Media Residency Returns to Rochester on May 12

We're pleased to announce that our one-day Social Media Residency will meet May 12th at the Doubletree Hotel, near the Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester, Minn. The Social Media Residency had been a 1.5-day course, with participants completing a few basic online modules in advance to create a common frame of [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Bringing an iPad to Social Media Residency?

If you're attending our Social Media Residency and plan to use an iPad, we encourage you to download and install these apps ASAP! You'll also need to create an accounts on each of these platforms if you don't already have one. Installing these apps before starting Residency will save you time and ensure that [...]

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Social Media Residency Coming to Salt Lake City April 15

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is pleased to collaborate with University of Utah Health Care, a member of the Social Media Health Network, to bring the Social Media Residency program to Salt Lake City on April 15. In 2014 we are continuing the practice of bringing our Social Media Residency [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

TW 100: Preparing to Create Your Twitter Account

This module is part of our Mayo Clinic Social Media Executive Course, a two-hour crash course focusing on Twitter. If you are participating in the Executive Course, download and complete our Twitter Account Creation Worksheet and bring it to our session. If you're not in the Executive Course, this module will help you [...]

Created by Lee Aase

GSM 104: Personal Branding in Social Media

Your personal brand is among your most important assets as a professional, particularly as it is reflected in Internet search results. What do people see when they go to Google (or another search engine) and enter your name? For physicians this is particularly important, as various doctor-rating sites compete for [...]

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Annual Meeting Twitter Activity in 2013: Four Professional Societies

It’s always busy when you attend a professional society annual meeting – attending academic sessions on new research, health policy, educational sessions, networking, catching up with friends, recruiting or job searches, and more.  Increasingly, these interactions are being captured online. Twitter is great at capturing some of these real-time interactions [...]

Created by Matthew Katz, MD

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