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Social Media Residency Returns to Rochester on May 12

We're pleased to announce that our one-day Social Media Residency will meet May 12th at the Doubletree Hotel, near the Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester, Minn. The Social Media Residency had been a 1.5-day course, with participants completing a few basic online modules in advance to create a common frame of [...]

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Social Media Residency Coming to Salt Lake City April 15

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is pleased to collaborate with University of Utah Health Care, a member of the Social Media Health Network, to bring the Social Media Residency program to Salt Lake City on April 15. In 2014 we are continuing the practice of bringing our Social Media Residency [...]

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#MayoRagan: Create Health Care Marketing Videos Patients Love

Does your organization create marketing or fundraising videos, but fail to get the effect you wanted? Do you wonder if there are better ways to communicate information? Creating videos that both inform and engage isn't as difficult as you might think. Michael Schmidt is the Director of Digital Media & Philanthropy [...]

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Social Media 301: Web video webinar

On Thursday, April 28, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media staff members Joel Streed and Andy Shilts presented a webinar entitled Flip and Beyond: Producing Powerful Videos for Your Hospital. This webinar was part of the ongoing series on social media in health care produced by Ragan Communications and the [...]

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Blogging 134 - Embedding Video (and other media) in Wordpress Blogs

Because Mayo Clinic is a very security-conscious organization, one of our goals for the site upgrade was to minimize the number of 3rd party plugins in use on the site, since these are a very common attack vector for hackers. One such plugin we replaced was the one previously used [...]

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Summit Spotlight: Video production tips

Editor's Note: This post by Jessica Levco originally appeared on Ragan's Healthcare Communication News and previews a pre-conference workshop from the 5th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit in October, which is part of Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic.  Sometimes, medical information can be downright boring. No matter, it’s your responsibility to share important [...]

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VID 145 - Avoiding SPAM Comments on YouTube

Recently Mayo Clinic's YouTube Channel has been hit with repeated attacks from Spammers promoting "" boasting about losing xx amount of weight. These attacks (30+ in a weekend) have come from randomly created YouTube accounts and have been spamming not only Mayo Clinic but many other YouTube users as well [...]

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VID 121 - Video Editing Basics

Video 121 provides an introduction to editing media videos.This course is part of Social Media Residency, a project of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media that provides in-depth, hands-on learning to promote effective application of social media tools for health-related purposes. Watch: Watch the video below for a demonstration [...]

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