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Free Mayo Clinic Webinar: Internal Communications and Social News Delivery Strategies

  Employee engagement. It’s what every organization hopes for: motivated employees who come to work willing and ready to give their best. Internal communication plays a critical role in creating an engaged workforce, yet many internal communicators find themselves frustrated with the old-style strategies their organization's deploy. Can there be more to internal communication than newsletters [...]

Created by Lee Aase

SMHN Members! Use Points for "New Social Media Playbook" Webinar

In September I had the pleasure of participating in a HealthLeaders Media webinar called Mayo Clinic & Vanderbilt Health: The New Social Media Playbook. My co-presenter was Cynthia Floyd Manley, Director of Content Strategy for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a member of our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media External [...]

Created by Lee Aase

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