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Webinar: How to talk social media to your hospital C-suite

If you’ve run into a wall getting senior leaders to adopt social media . . . you’re not alone. Most likely, you’re going about it wrong. As one marketing communicator cried, “The C-suite always asks ‘What’s the ROI?’— that’s the wrong question!” But it’s not the wrong question. It’s the [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Webinar: Teach your physicians and staff how to blog

How do you get the best people to blog? Is it possible to train a proud, sensitive doctor who thinks he’s a perfectly adequate communicator to write in an accessible, popular, jargon-free style? Can you even teach this? On March 26, during this webinar, “Teach your physicians and staff how [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

FREE (re-broadcast) Webinar Jan. 9th - Sticky Social Media Situations

On Thursday, January 9th, we will re-broadcast the November 8, 2013 webinar entitled, “How to handle social media when it gets messy"  by Amanda Changuris. The webinar will be followed with a live Q & A with Amanda. Amanda is a marketing and communications specialist at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland, where she leads social [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

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