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Wondering what are the top homepage menu nav buttons you have on [...]

Wondering what are the top homepage menu nav buttons you have on your sites and why? We're going to trim our top bar down in order to fit a search bar on the menu bar as well. What's working for your organization?

Created by Lisa Newcomb

Bringing an iPad to Social Media Residency?

If you're attending our Social Media Residency and plan to use an iPad, we encourage you to download and install these apps ASAP! You'll also need to create an accounts on each of these platforms if you don't already have one. Installing these apps before starting Residency will save you time and ensure that [...]

Created by Randy Schwarz

Blogging 103 – Blogging Platforms

The title of this post is a little misleading since WordPress will be the blogging platform  mainly discussed. This is due to my lack of knowledge of other platforms and my confidence that once you read through the benefits of WordPress in this post, you'll have no reason to try the [...]

Created by Admin

Blogging 108 – Private Blogs

Private blogs are a way of test-driving WordPress without letting anyone else see what you’re doing. There are some legitimate reasons why you might want to consider a private blog to accomplish your goals. First, creating a private blog is really simple. Start a blog. If you already have a [...]

Created by Admin

Blogging 104 - Two Types of WordPress Blogs

There are two types of WordPress blogs. The first is hosted at no cost to you by WordPress itself, which makes everything quite easy. As you might expect, though, it does have its drawbacks. The second is self-hosted, meaning that you pay for it to be hosted on a platform [...]

Created by Admin

Blogging 126 – Calendar add-on for WordPress Blogs

We recently added a calendar to the Social Media Health Network website. Here's a video that provides a quick introduction to how to set-up the calendar and the features available:

Created by Admin

Blogging 134 - Embedding Video (and other media) in Wordpress Blogs

Because Mayo Clinic is a very security-conscious organization, one of our goals for the site upgrade was to minimize the number of 3rd party plugins in use on the site, since these are a very common attack vector for hackers. One such plugin we replaced was the one previously used [...]

Created by Paul

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