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Money quote: "self-promoting videos attracted a total of 34.38 percent of views, [...]

Money quote: "self-promoting videos attracted a total of 34.38 percent of views, but [educational/entertainment videos] attracted a total of 65.62 percent of views." Some good insights about the type of videos that get the most traffic.

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GSM 150: Converting Slidecasts to Videos

When Slideshare announced in February that Slidecasts are being discontinued, this created a problem for those of us who have used the feature to add an audio track to our presentation decks. In our online social media curriculum we had devoted a course, GSM 121: Advanced Applications of Slideshare, to [...]

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GSM 106: Creating Your Google Account for YouTube and Google+

Having a permanent, personal email address is important for professionals who want to use social media. Every social networking site typically requires an email address as part of registration. Some also encourage linking to a mobile phone number. Both email address and mobile phone are helpful in case you forget, [...]

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Open Clinical Trial for HPV-Positive Head & Neck Patients Seeks to Reduce Long-term Effects from Radiation

Dry mouth. Difficulty swallowing. Altered taste. Many HPV-positive head and neck patients experience these side effects of radiation treatment. Mayo Clinic radiation oncologist Dr. Daniel J. Ma is conducting a clinical trial to find more gentle treatment protocols that will minimize the aftermath of radiation. Oncologists say HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer [...]


Bringing an iPad to Social Media Residency?

If you're attending our Social Media Residency and plan to use an iPad, we encourage you to download and install these apps ASAP! You'll also need to create an accounts on each of these platforms if you don't already have one. Installing these apps before starting Residency will save you time and ensure that [...]

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